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Swell Pond Clean Water Treatment:Clean Water clears sediment and waste and removes pollution, leaving a cleaner, healthier pond. It also boosts the biological bacteria that breaks down nitrite and ammonia into less harmful nitrate. Working as well as the leading brands, Clean Water clears sediment and waste and removes pollution, leaving a cleaner, healthier pond.Swell Control Green Water:The special mix of bacteria in Control Green Water help reduce nitrate and phosphate levels, aid the break-down of bottom sludge and odours, as well as helping to make the water less murky. It also contains barley straw which can further inhibit the growth of the algae that turn the water green, thanks to microbes that consume algae boosting nutrients.Key Features:Green water treatment contains 6 Sachets treating (27,300 Litres / 6,000 Gallons)Each green water sachet treats 1000 gallons (4546 litres)Pond Clean treats ponds up to 5000 gallons (22,500 litres)Cuts down on pond maintenance Easy to use application
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Watch the water of your large pond go from green to clear in weeks and invest in an on-going healthy pond! This non-chemical powder treatment treats 40,000 litre ponds (around 20-30 square metres). EcoSure Large Pond Clear is a natural solution based on live microbes which eliminate nitrates in the pond, which algae feeds on. This starves the algae that turns the water green, clearing your pond removes high-level nitrates that poison and injure fish and foul the water. Here's what to do The best thing to do is check to see if there are excess nitrate levels in your pond with the FREE EcoSure® Pond Clear Aqua Plus Nitrate Testing Kit worth £3.95 with every pack. Instructions are in your pack and it works just like a litmus paper test to test acidity. If there are nitrates in your pond take the following steps; Place the powder in 5 litres of pondwater. The higher the temperature the better, so try to do this on a sunny day when the sun has warmed up the water. Leave for 2-4 hours and give the 5 litre solution a mix. Pour into the pond slowly around the surface of the pond. How long can I expect to see results Sometimes it takes up to a few weeks to see results, sometimes it takes longer, depending on water temperature, fish population and weather. Every pond is unique in its composition of nutrients and nitrates which means the time it takes to clear your pond of green algae, blanketweed and scum varies. After 4-6 weeks, repeat the process above if the green water persists. To maintain a clear pond, apply a further 20g three months later or the following spring. Eco-Sure® Pond Clear Aqua Plus's long shelf life means it can be stored in a cool well-aired place for up to twelve months later. Help keep your pond healthy too by introducing lots of pond plants which produce oxygen. Keep levels of tap water, often high in fluoride and calcium, to a minimum when topping your pond up by using stored rainwater when you can. Please note: The optimal water temperature for EcoSure® Pond Clear Aqua Plus to work is between 10 & 13°C. In colder temperatures it will continue to work although it may take longer for visible effect. Pack contents: 2 x nitrate strips, comparison chart and Eco Sure Pond Clear sachet(s)
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Eliminate damaging high levels of chlorine in ponds of tap water. Fresh Start for Ponds includes aloe vera which gives a protective layer on the skin of your prize fish. Fresh Start for Ponds also locks up fish-harming heavy metals. Fast acting solution that treats 9090 litres (2000 gallons) or a 13x13x2ft pond. Spread dose evenly across the pond surface. We recommend that you use Fresh Start for Ponds after you’ve filled up a new pond for the first time or any time after you top up your pond with tap water when water levels are low. Safe to use in fish ponds and wildlife ponds alike. 1 litre bottle with dose-measuring cap and instructions.
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ADD ONE POND FILTER START TO YOUR BASKET AND RECEIVE TWO!!! Contains naturally selected strains of waste degrading bacteria to boost biological activity in your pond. Use this when activating filters in new ponds, starting filters in spring or adding new fish stock.
Blagdon Green Away 1ltr Green Water Pond Treatment This Green-Away for Ponds is the perfect treatment to rid your pond of green water algae. Single celled algae will rapidly turn any new pond the unwanted green colour which is why Green-Away is the simple solution to leaving you with a clear, healthy pond. Green-Away contains a natural based formula which sticks these single cells of algae together, so that they either sink or are trapped in a filter resulting in a clear pond for your fish. 100ml of Green-Away can treat up to 4546 litres of pond water.
Perfect for large ponds up to 40000 litres (8800 gallons) or dimensions around 9m by 5m by 1m (29 1⁄2 ft by 19 1⁄2 ft 3ft) Works by using natural bacterial activity Safe for fish, aquatic wildlife and pets Easy dissolve powder for your pond Turn your pond from green to clean Enjoy seeing your busy pond world with water clear as crystal. In this pack you will get two free nitrate testing strips and a comparison chart worth £3.99, saving overall more than £8. Rid algae that causes your water to green up with no mess, no measuring out or using nasty chemicals. EcoSure Pond Clear attacks nitrates and phosphates with the help of friendly bacteria so blanket weed and algae have no food source and cannot survive. While your EcoSure gets to work it is safe for fish, wildlife, pets and children, with results seen within three to four weeks.
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