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PondXpert Pond Water Feature Cleaner 300g The water feature cleaner from PondXpert is an easy way of getting your water feature clean overnight with minimal effort! Just add the correct amount of powder and then let this dual action cleaner work its magic. Each 300g tub will treat 90L of water.. Contains sodium salts and must not be used in a fishpond or water containing livestock or plants. Cleans and freshens any water feature overnightDual action cleaner / contains sodium salts Not to be used in fishponds or water containing livestock or plants300g tub treats 120 litres
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NT Labs Koi Care Pond Buffer KH Up is the ideal solution to pond water problems.The buffer capacity of pond water is the ability of pond water to maintain the pH at the correct level for the survival of your fish. Fish metabolise the buffer and this causes the pH level to spike or fall which can cause fish stress, leading to health problems.Testing the KH levels regularly and treating with Buffer KH Up can help to maintain a healthy pond and avoid potential fish loss. Maintain a level of around 60 carbonate hardness will ensure the optimum conditions for vibrant, healthy fish. 1 Kg treats 6800 litres (1500 gallons).
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Make testing your pond water part of your regular maintenance routine, bad water quality has a huge impact on your pond and fish health. Pond water quality issues are the most common form of fish stress and disease, fish are affected by any changes in water conditions and this will have a direct effect on their health and wellbeing. By using this pond health testing kit you will be able to quickly and easily identify any issues with your pond water and fish health and then find the right product from our range to help combat the diagnosis. The pond dip test kit will test your pond water for Ammonia levels Nitrites Nitrates pH Water Hardness When to use Every three days during the critical early days, Once a month to check the pond water is healthy Use to check if there are any fish health problems. How Do I Test My Pond Water Using dry hands remove a strip from the tube without touching the pads. Dip test into the pond 1 second for 5 in 1 test strips and 5 seconds for the ammonia test strips. Compare to the chart strip to read your results. Kit Contents The kit contains 60 tests
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PURE Pond Bomb has been voted POND PRODUCT OF THE YEAR 2016 by readers' of Practical Fishkeeping Magazine once again.PURE Pond Bomb is a fast acting, concentrated version of the Award Winning PURE POND. PURE Pond Bomb is ideal for use in Koi ponds, ornamental ponds, self contained water features or ponds which do not have conventional filtration, to achieve crystal clear, healthy water.Inside the PURE Pond Bomb there is a unique combination of friendly bacteria and enzymes, which get to work as soon as the Bomb hits the water to clean up organic waste and break down the ammonia and nitrite, leaving your pond crystal clear and healthy.One PURE Pond Bomb is effective on ponds up to 20,000 litres. Simply drop the PURE Pond Bomb into your pond filter or directly into the water as and when necessary. The bacteria and enzymes will react to the biological issues with in your pond. You cannot overdose with the PURE Pond Bomb.When starting up a new filter, simply drop the PURE Pond Bomb into the biological stage of your filter. The high concentration of bacteria will help to remove the harmful ammonia and nitrite, allowing the filter media to mature.Please note PURE POND BOMB is not intended to clear green water. An appropriate UVC is recommended to clear green water.High concentration of bacteria and enzymes delivered in one gel-like ballIdeal for emergency use in pondsQuickly restores biological equilibriumBoosts clarity of waterBreaks down ammonia and nitriteCleans up organic wasteWorks well with or without conventional filtersDirections for useFor best results drop the entire contents of this tub into your pond filter or directly into your pond.The PURE POND BOMB may break up in transit. If this happens, simply add all contents of the tub into your filter.PURE POND BOMB is not intended to clear green water. It is recommended that an appropriate UV-C should be used to eradicate green water.PURE POND BOMB will work at its most efficient in pond temperatures above 12C.You cannot overdose the pond with PURE POND BOMB
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Made in the UK, this fantastic all natural pond treatment is great for removing sludge from the bottom of your pond. This remover actively consumes sludge which collects at the bottom of your pond and is made with concentrated, naturally occurring bacteria. This is selected to consume & break down waste in the water. It uses BioTek clean water technology and is best used after the algae pond treatment to remove dead algae and consume any decaying pollutants in your pond that are harmful to fish. You can use weekly for one month and then monthly to maintain clarity in your pond. The sludge remover is completely harmless to fish, plants and wildlife. The 500ml bottle is enough to treat up to 12,500 litres.
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Blagdon Pond Balance has a unique non-algicide plant friendly formula. It is used to combat predominately the problem of blanketweed that affects most ponds (particularly those which are UV filtered). This rapid growing filamentous stringy algae can spoil the appearance of the pond and also clog pumps and filtration equipment. Pond Balance works by making a nutrient unavailable that is only required by filamentous algae and thus literally starves it out of existence. It does this whilst ensuring that no harm comes to any other pond plants, fish, filtration bacteria or water using wildlife. Also containing plant stimulants, it helps establish a naturally balanced pond.
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