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Tetra Pond Crystal Water 250ml Tetra pond Crystal Water is a specially formulated solution which rapidly clears dirty pond water caused by suspended particles resulting in unsightly murky water. Tetra Pond Crystal Water works by causing the particles to bind together and sink to the bottom of the pond, allowing them to be removed via a filter. The solution is good practice to treat in conjunction with Tetra Pond Sediment Minus after use, to remove any build up of sludge. The 250ml bottle of Tetra Pond Crystal Water will treat up to 5000 litres of pond water and is safe to use with all wildlife and fish. The innovative solution designed in-house by experts at Tetra is fast acting and becomes effective within just a few hours. Treatment instructions is as followed, - Calculate the volume of the pond using the following, length x width x depth x 1000 gives you the volume in litres (measured in meter) for gallons x 4.45. - Add 50ml for every 1,000 litres or 224 gallons in to a bucket of pond water and stir. - Distribute the evenly around the surface of the pond Important, not suitable for use in very soft water (carbonate hardness below 2°dH). If soft water conditions are likely (e.g. in soft water regions, following periods of heavy rainfall, use of rainwater in pond etc), please check carbonate hardness before use. At a Glance: Size: 250ml Treats up to 5000 litres rapidly clears dirty pond water caused by suspended particles Eradicates unsightly murky pond water Combines the particles to be removed via a filter Easy to dose Fast acting Designed by experts at Tetra Friendly towards all wildlife and pond fish Can be used in conjunction with Tetra Pond Sediment Minus to remove sludge Genuine Tetra product
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All Pond Solutions - Pond Rescue Green Water Treatment 250ml Bottle Pond Rescue Green Water treatment removes unwanted algae from your pond safely and efficiently without affecting the biological balance. Treating pond with Pond Rescue Green Water will give you crystal clear water in no time and will not harm pond fish, plants or biological filtration. Directions for use: Add 10ml per 225 litres (50 gallons) of pond water. Add treatments with sufficient time to observe any fish behaviour. How to apply treatment: Shake bottle and remove cap. Squeeze the bottle to fill the premeasured cap which makes for accurate and proper usage / dosing. Pour treatment into pond - repeat after 1 week if necessary. In hot and sunny weather it is recommended that you apply a double dose to your pond in order to see results. This will not harm your fish or any life in your pond. Safety: Wash hands after use and store the product in a dry place out of reach of children. Key information More Information Model: PR-GREEN-250ML Size / Volume 250ML Specification Treats ponds up to 5,688 litres (1,250 gallons)
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An Easy Way to Gauge Aquarium Salinity at a Glance. The new KENT Marine Hydrometer makes measuring aquarium water salinity simple. Its precision and compact design provides accurate readings that aquarists of any level can understand. Accuracy to 0.001 specific gravity units Advanced Features Include: Large numeric display includes sweet spot for marine and reef aquariums Water is gently diverted to bottom, reducing air bubbles from forming Designed to give temperature-corrected readings in warm water aquariums(68º - 85º F / 20º - 30º C)
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Hozelock Green water treatment 250ml.This Hozelock water treatment clumps floating algae so filters can remove them more easily. It can be used when pond water becomes green due to a bloom of unicellular algae.
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The Anti-Cloudy Pond Water Treatment from PondXpert is an easy way of clearing a murky pond with little to no effort! Generally you will find that it is algae growths which are responsible for the cloudy appearance of pond water and this can become hazardous to aquatic life if left unchecked. This treatment aims at controlling algae growth to prevent a cloudy water appearance. To avoid removing beneficial bacteria and vitamins in the water the chemicals in this treatment have been selected to maintain a good biological balance within your pond. Available in two sizes: 250ml - Treats 5625 Litres/ 1250 Gallons 1000ml - Treats 22,750 Litres/ 5000 Gallons
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Garden Garden decorations Altadex Water treatment. Range of products specially indicated so that water, fish and aquatic plants develop splendidly. Valid to treat up to 5,000l. Water hardness regulator. The packaging has a capacity of 50 grams and is suitable for ponds with a maximum capacity of 5000 liters.
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