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ICECARATS DESIGNER JEWELLERY 14K OMEGA POST STUD EARRINGS Material Purity : 14K Length : 17 mm Feature : Solid Manufacturing Process : Die Struck Material : Gold Width : 12 mm Product Type : Jewelry Jewelry Type : Earrings Sold By Unit : Pair Gender : Women's Material Color : Two-Tone Earring Closure : Omega Clip Back Earring Type : Button OUR MISSION & BELIEFS Our mission at IceCarats is to celebrate our customers and enhance their lives journey, honoring life's memorable occasions and enhancing the beauty of everyday through our extensive collection of quality jewellery. THE ICECARATS STORY - CRAFTSMANSHIP...QUALITY...VALUE Jewellery is our passion - IceCarats is devoted to craftsmanship, quality, and value. Each piece hand stamped for authenticity MADE WITH LOVE FROM US TO YOU - QUALITY WITHOUT COMPROMISE When you purchase jewellery from the IceCarats collection, you buy with confidence - Lifetime Warranty and 30-Day Returns . ELEGANT GIFT PACKAGING - JUST ANOTHER REASON TO SAY YES! Receive Elegant Gift Packing On Every Order with IceCarats!
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{"currency":"GBP","merchant_key":"","prices":[[1566007915994,329.95],[1571616000000,349.45],[1571702400000,339.45],[1571788800000,335.45],[1571875200000,349.45],[1571961600000,359.45],[1572220800000,329.45],[1572307200000,359.45],[1572393600000,335.45],[1572480000000,349.45],[1572566400000,345.45],[1572652800000,355.45],[1572739200000,339.45],[1572825600000,349.45],[1572998400000,339.45],[1573084800000,359.45],[1573171200000,355.45],[1573344000000,345.45],[1573430400000,355.45],[1573603200000,339.45],[1573776000000,335.45],[1573862400000,349.45],[1573948800000,335.45],[1574035200000,345.45],[1574121600000,335.45],[1574208000000,349.45],[1574294400000,359.45],[1574380800000,339.45],[1574553600000,349.45],[1574640000000,359.45],[1574726400000,345.45],[1574812800000,339.45],[1574899200000,355.45],[1574985600000,329.45],[1575072000000,339.45],[1575158400000,349.45],[1575244800000,335.45],[1575331200000,349.45],[1575417600000,329.45],[1575504000000,335.45],[1575676800000,349.45],[1576108800000,339.45],[1576454400000,349.45],[1576627200000,345.45],[1576713600000,339.45],[1576800000000,345.45],[1576886400000,359.45],[1576972800000,339.45],[1577059200000,329.45],[1577232000000,349.45],[1577318400000,355.45],[1577404800000,359.45],[1577577600000,335.45],[1577664000000,329.45],[1577750400000,339.45],[1577836800000,335.45],[1577923200000,339.45],[1578096000000,359.45],[1578182400000,349.45],[1578268800000,355.45],[1578355200000,339.45],[1578441600000,369.45],[1578528000000,349.45],[1578614400000,369.45],[1578700800000,375.45],[1578787200000,365.45],[1578873600000,369.45],[1578960000000,359.45],[1579046400000,339.45],[1579132800000,369.45],[1579219200000,359.45],[1579305600000,349.45],[1579392000000,339.45],[1579478400000,359.45],[1579651200000,339.45],[1579737600000,369.45],[1579824000000,365.45],[1579910400000,339.45],[1579996800000,355.45],[1580083200000,365.45],[1580169600000,349.45],[1580256000000,345.45],[1580515200000,369.45],[1580601600000,375.45],[1580688000000,359.45],[1580774400000,355.45],[1580860800000,359.45],[1580947200000,375.45],[1581033600000,369.45],[1581120000000,349.45],[1581379200000,359.45],[1581552000000,369.45],[1581638400000,375.45],[1581724800000,369.45],[1581811200000,355.45],[1581905515994,355.45]],"product_title":"14k Omega Post Stud Earrings Ball Button Fine Jewellery For Women Valentines Day Gifts For Her"}
BRASS AND GOLD PLANTED All the Jewellery comes in a gift packaging The length of the earring with the hook is 15cm the width is 3.5cm If you change your mind about your purchase please return your item(s) within 14 days and we will be happy to offer an exchange or refund ADD TO CART
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{"currency":"GBP","merchant_key":"","prices":[[1574640000000,25],[1574726400000,35],[1581905516003,35]],"product_title":"FEATHER EARRING"}
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Show off your star power! These star shaped stud earrings feature an 18kt gold plated design with tiny glass stones. 18kt gold plated Star shape design Closure: Post Material: Metal - Gold
Colour:  Gold
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{"currency":"GBP","merchant_key":"","prices":[[1566007916005,12],[1576972800000,4],[1581905516005,4]],"product_title":"18kt Gold Plated Star Stud Earrings Gold"}
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Defined by a striking combination of delicate lines and geometric shapes that play with oversize dimensions, this single earring is crafted from 18k yellow gold. The intricate shapes frame one of the House’s most emblematic logos—the Double G., 18k yellow gold, Double G charm, For pierced ears with a twist closure—this earring is designed so that the stud is worn at the front of the ear while the pendant falls behind the ear, Total length: 97.6mm, Double G: W12mm x L8.6mm, Diametres of hoops: 80mm and 46.5mm, Square: W53mm x L53mm, Made in Italy, The Gucci jewelry collection is crafted from hypoallergenic and nickel-free materials. Gucci guarantees, internally and within its supply chain, respect for standards of Social & Environmental Responsibility in line with its sustainability strategy. Gucci gold, platinum and diamonds are certified by the Responsible Jewellery Council whose mission is to promote responsible, ethical, social and environmental practices that guarantee human rights throughout the gold and diamond supply chain, from mines to retail - Yellow Gold - OS - Unisex - adult
Size:  OS
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{"currency":"GBP","merchant_key":"","prices":[[1580342400000,2820],[1581905516008,2820]],"product_title":"GUCCI GG Running Gold Single Earring"}
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Create an array of beautiful jewellery and accessories with these gorgeous and simple Teardrop Earrings. These hoops are perfect for decorating with beads, gemstones, ribbons and much more. Mix and match these incredibly versatile shimmering earrings to make an array of gifts for your friends and family. - Orange - Small
Size:  Small
Colour:  Orange
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{"currency":"GBP","merchant_key":"","prices":[[1566007916010,1],[1581905516010,1]],"product_title":"Teardrop Earrings - Gilt"}
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TOUS Bear earrings in 18kt yellow gold with 6mm cultured freshwater pearl. Bear: 4.5mm.
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{"currency":"GBP","merchant_key":"","prices":[[1579219200000,155],[1581905516012,155]],"product_title":"Gold TOUS Bear Earrings"}
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