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Lampadina light bulb from Flos. A decorative bulb with E27 base. The bulb has a frosted circle that gives a pleasant light. E27 2W Led 2700K. (Light bulb only)
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High powered festoon LED bulbs with added Canbus function and rear heatsink to disperse heat build up. This bulb can be used on the majority of newer cars that would normally display a error after fitting led bulbs. Ideal for transforming dull yellow lights into modern white LED light. Often used for Interior LED Lighting or Number Plate LED Lighting.
Size:  36MM
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Our new range of LED lamps have been chosen for use in regular ceiling and wall products. With their high quality light output and superior dimming ability they are perfect for all types of products. These are bright enough to be considered as direct replacements for original incandescent lamps. This is a dimmable 6.2W LED lamp in warm white, equivalent to a 40W incandescent lamp
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Suitable for GU10 Replacement LED Light Bulbs possess truly superb lighting quality and are an outstandingly efficient replacement for traditional incandescent bulbs. Replace 50W incandescent, with energy savings of between 80-90%. Free from flickering, RF interference, UV radiation and mercury and start softly and instantly without extra downtime. They also possess excellent heat dissipation and are compliant with CE & RoHS. Fit for the majority of existing light fittings. Comes with the latest COB tech. 550lm output
Colour:  Cool White
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Green LED Light Bulb (SES) Small Edison Screw which has 20 LEDs, E14 PAR16.
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Status 5.5W LED Cable Bulb The Status 5.5SLCSESP1PK/5.5SLCESP1PK/5.5SLCBCP1PK 5.5 Watt SES/ES/BC Bulb in Warm White (470 Lumen) Non-Dimmable LED provides the same level of light as a 40W incandescent bulb while only consuming 5.5W of energy an .... - Opal - Glass - 101mm
Size:  101mm
Colour:  Opal
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