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Specifications Brand: Wemlite This shatterproof tube fits into the Fly shield solo range and is neccessary for food preparation and manufacturing areas where should the glass smash, it be self contained and not able to land in a sensitive area such as a production line Screws into the unit easily for a quick replacement of expired tubes. Shatterproof bulbs are a requirement in certain premises.
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{"currency":"GBP","merchant_key":"","prices":[[1566133783076,28.2],[1578960000000,28.5],[1579564800000,26.99],[1582031383076,26.99]],"product_title":"Shatterproof 20 Watt ECO UV Lamp Blue 368nm"}
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Replacement bulb, UV, 7 W. Replacement bulb, UV, 11 W.
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Philips UVC Replacement Lamp 15 WATTS High Quality Philips UV lamp. Suitable as a replacement for many Pond UVC Systems Suitable for the Liff Water Filters FP20n and P20N uv systems Approx Length: 435mm (not including the pins at each end of the lamp) Two pins at each end of lamp Postage can be reduced for multiple purchases, please visit our ShopCheck out my other items can now be found on social media sites. Please check out Facebook or twitter for product updates and any special offers'Like' us on Facebook'Follow' us on Twitter @discountleisure
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{"currency":"GBP","merchant_key":"","prices":[[1566133783088,26.1],[1582031383089,26.1]],"product_title":"Durable tool Philips Pond UV lamp G15 T8 Bulb 15 Watt UVC Tube"}
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Black Light Bulb 400W E40 160.026UK by qtx Qtx - Black Light Bulb 400w E40400W high pressure UV bulb with E40 fitting.Technical SpecificationsPower supply : 230Vac, 50Hz Lamp fitting : E40 Rating : 400W Wavelength : 365nm
{"currency":"GBP","merchant_key":"","prices":[[1566133783091,25.27],[1578614400000,26.02],[1582031383091,26.02]],"product_title":"Qtx Black Light Bulb 400w E40"}
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This is the 18w replacement UV Lamp for the Hozelock Filter and UVC range. UVC Bulbs should be changed at regular intervals, ideally in the spring before the season starts. This is to guarantee the full strength capacity of the UVC light waves. The Hozelock PLL replacement UV lamps have 4 small pin connections at one end only.
{"currency":"GBP","merchant_key":"","prices":[[1580774400000,25.99],[1582031383093,25.99]],"product_title":"Hozelock 18w PLL UV Lamp - 1542"}
Sylvania Black 400 W GES UV Lamp Black light, A 400 ultra violet lamp, extreme high intensity UV GES fitting. Perfect to make neon or glow in the dark items stand out. Widely used Black Light for for various theatrical, special effects uses and halloween partys. Our Order Code: G008CD Please note: Please be warned that white or light coloured underwear under black or see through clothing may stand out when using this type of UV Black light! Example Picture Above: Girl in a red mini dress affected by UV Light. Power. 230V AC 50Hz - 400W Our Order Code: G008CD
{"currency":"GBP","merchant_key":"","prices":[[1566133783095,25.5],[1582031383095,25.5]],"product_title":"Sylvania Black 400W GES UV Lamp"}
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