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Best-In-Class, Semi-Weighted Keybed:The Native Instruments Komplete Kontrol A25 is a versatile controller keyboard designed for music production The Komplete Kontrol A25 allows you to navigate, tweak and capture your sounds. The smart streamlined design is perfect for playing sounds into your DAW. The best-in-class, semi-weighted custom NI keybed features 25-notes. The semi-weighted keybed provides fluid playability, ideal for keyboard and piano players transitioning from each instrument. The ergonomic pitch and modulation wheels allows you to take a hands-on approach to manipulating the pitch and modulation of a selected sound. 8-Touch Sensitive Knobs and Push Encoder:In addition to the mod and pitch wheels, the Komplete Kontrol A25 features 8 touch-sensitive controls knobs. These knobs can be highly useful when used with various VSTs (Virtual Instrument Plugins) and DAWs (Digital Audio Workstation). They can be used to control various parameters including volume, automation and other dedicated controls within your software. The 4-directional push encoder allows for one-handed sound browsing and project navigation. It allows you to easily find and select sounds, improving your workflow. This allows you to stay creative and capture your creativity within the moment. You can even browse your presets via the tag-based navigation. This allows you to find sound quickly, as well as hearing instant previews. Integration With Komplete, Maschine and your DAW:The controller keyboard provides deep integration with Komplete, Maschine and your selected DAW. It provides pre-mapped controls of Komplete instruments and effects as well as hundreds of Native Kontrol Standard plugins. Providing full VSTi and VST FX support, you can use the keyboard with virtually any sound or VST. It is also deeply integrated with Maschine software, allowing you to control various parameters with ease. Smart Play technology allows you to stay in key with over 100 scales and modes. It also allows you to play chord progressions and arpeggios with single keys. Another possibility is mapping any scale to the white keys only. This can make it great as a live performance instrument, allowing you to incorporate more complex riffs from a single note. Includes Instrument, Effect and Software Bundle:Simply register your hardware and you get a download code for Komplete Kontrol software as well a collection of instrument and effects from the Komplete range. Also included is Maschine Essentials. The software bundle includes a range of virtual instruments and synthesizers. The bundle includes: The Gentleman (classic upright piano), Monark (monophonic synthesizer), Reaktor Prism (polyphonic instrument and synth) and the Scarbee Mark I (70s style electric piano). The software collection gives you everything you need to get started straight out of the box. It spans everything from pianos to synthesizers and even custom amp and cabinet emulations for guitars. Compact and Streamlined Design:The compact and sleek design makes the NI Komplete Kontrol A25 highly portable. It can easily fit within a backpack for ease of transportation. The built-in OLED displays provides easy navigation at a glance. It also features a TRS pedal input allows you to incorporate a sustain or expression pedal for added flexibility. The keyboard is powered via USB hub, eliminating the need for an external power supply.
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Versatile keyboard controller complete with Decksaver cover. With 32 micro-size keys and pre-mapped control for a vast range of NI instruments, effects, and NKS plug-ins, the Native Instruments Komplete Kontrol M32 lets you explore a world of creativity. A synth-action custom NI keybed combined with eight touch-sensitive control knobs, two touch strips, and a 4-directional push encoder provide intuitive control and expression. Not only does the M32 provide a powerful hardware platform, but the bundled software gives you an extensive range of exciting soft-synths, effects, production suites, and even a DAW to fulfil your creative desires. It also comes complete with a powerful music software bundle to get you started straight away. The bundle also includes a Decksaver cover designed to protect the Komple Kontrol M32 on the move. The custom moulded protective cover is constructed from a highly-durable polycarbonate shell for optimal strength. The cover helps to protect the controller from dust, liquid, accidental impact damage and more while on the move. The Komplete Kontrol M32 also includes a 22.00 GBP e-voucher for use in the Native Instruments Online Shop.
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The Native Instruments Komplete Kontrol A25 is a 25-key MIDI keyboard controller that comes equipped with a range of professional controls and functions that let you take full control over your music and gives you loads of creative functionalities. The A25 keyboard is perfect for music producers and live performers looking for new, exciting ways to manipulate your audio and lets you take full control over your DAW as well as your VSTs and effects processors. The Komplete Kontrol A25 is a highly-advanced, streamlined MIDI keyboard controller that comes fitted with a semi-weighted custom designed keybed that features 25-keys and will feel natural to anybody already familiar with keyboards. There is a pitch wheel that lets you easily pitch bend as well as a modulation wheel that means you can dial in modulation such as filter sweeps, vibratos, and delay times. Above the keys sits eight touch-sensitive rotary controls which let you make adjustments to your mixdowns and are pre-mapped to Komplete instruments and effects so you can adjust parameters of your virtual instruments and effects. A smart play feature ensures you will never be out of key when performing and producing thanks to a range of over 100 scales and modes that you can use, once you’ve selected a key or scale you can automatically map the key to all of the white keys so you will never go out of key or hit a wrong note. Also, while using the smart play feature, you can play chord progressions and arpeggios with a single key so you can perform complex chord progressions and arpeggios that cannot be played naturally. This feature is perfect for beginners who are not keyboard literate. Thanks to the wealth of transport controls and a 4-push directional encoder you can easily navigate your way around your DAW and your instruments and also browse through your sample and preset libraries with a single hand. The tag-based preset browser means you can rapidly find the exact sample or sound you want with an instant preview that let you hear what you’re selecting while an OLED display means you can view exactly what you’re doing. The deep integration with Maschine software and many popular DAWs means you can easily navigate your way around your projects.
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Native Instruments Komplete Kontrol A25 The Native Instruments A-Series Keyboards are a new addition to their lineup of outstanding hardware, bringing the Native Instruments ecosystem to a much more affordable market. Aimed at people on a budget, or for beginners looking to get into the world of music production, the A-Series is the only MIDI keyboard range to offer a high-quality build, fantastic playability, and some of the world-renowned software native instruments has to offer. Keybed The keybed has been designed from scratch by Native Instruments specifically for this keyboard, to offer a smooth and responsive feel akin to some higher-end keyboards from other manufacturers. At this price point, it's hard to find anything better. Kontrol The A-Series Keyboards feature a number of controls which make browsing, choosing and controlling a sound fluid and easy. 8 sensitive control knobs provide control over VST parameters, and through NKS a lot of these are already pre-mapped and ready to go on a whole range of instruments and effects. There is a small OLED display on the keyboard, but despite its size provides a wealth of information from presets to parameters. Audible previews of sounds are a great feature, and let you hear the sound before loading it. This will save a ton of time, and make finding your desired sound a lot easier. Included Software The A-Series Keyboards feature a number of high quality software titles by Native Instruments, worth over £250. For the first time ever, Maschine software is also included with a deep integration with the A-Series Keyboards. Soft
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Pioneer DDJ-SX2 This B-stock Pioneer DDJ-SX2 controller builds on the success of its predecessor but inherits two must-have features from the top-flight DDJ-SZ: Performance Pads with multi-coloured cue point LEDs and an on-jog cue countdown. Plus it’s Serato DJ DVS upgrade-ready and boasts improved jog wheel latency, making it the scratch DJ’s ultimate companion. The DDJ-SX2 gives you native manipulation of Serato Flip; a Serato DJ Expansion Pack that gives you the power to record and re-play hot cue sequences on the fly. DDJ-SX2 Features NATIVE SERATO FLIPUse the three dedicated buttons – Record, Start, and Slot – to access Serato Flip and record hot cue combinations and replay them on loop. LARGE ALUMINIUM JOGSThe full-sized jog wheels are optimised for a perfect scratch response, while the illuminated cue point markers with cue countdown give you effortless control without looking at your laptop screen. BACKLIT PERFORMANCE PADSInstantly trigger Quantized Hot Cues, Roll, Slicer and Sampler, or hit Shift to save and activate Cue and Slicer Loops – while Velocity Mode lets you control the sample volume with the amount of pressure you apply. The multi-coloured backlit LEDs give a visual reference to which modes are in play, and will reflect cue points you’ve pre-set in Serato DJ. DVS UPGRADE-READYThe DDJ-SX2 is Serato DJ DVS ready. The Serato DJ DVS Expansion Pack allows you to scratch with CDJs or analogue turntables using Serato NoiseMap Control CD/vinyl. SLIP MODEKeep tracks playing muted during live edits such as loop, scratch or reverse. Release the jog wheel and the track comes back at exactly the right place. Number of decks 4 decks: 4-channel mixer (switchable) Motorised platters: no Number of sample buttons per deck: 8 Number of hot cue buttons per deck: 4 Illuminated jog wheels: no Analogue inputs: yes Rec/booth output: both, combined Type microphone connector: 6.3mm jack, XLR Booth output: yes Type headphone connector: 3.5mm mini jack, 6.3mm jack Equipped with audio interface: yes USB powered: no Included software: Serato DJ Suited for operating system: Apple OS X, Microsoft Windows Colour: black
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Noise-free digital connection between your instrument with 1/4 XLR connector and your iPad Air/4 or iPad mini with lightning connector, complete with MIDI In/Out and LR-Output on the back. Perfect for recording (including multi-track) with 24 Bit and 48 kHz in Garageband and other CoreAudio Apps all while charging the iPad.
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