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Accessory tray with clamp for stand, 30 x 30 x 5 cm (11.8 x 11.8 x 2") - Material: Metal (support frame), rubber (anti-skid clamp) and foam (removable, anti-rolling) - Fixing: On any 18-mm to 45-mm-diameter tube (0.7" to 1.8") - Feature: Reinforced screw-in clamping system - Angle: 90 degree rotatable - Included: Removable anti-rolling foam - Colour: Black
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Ideal gift for electronic drummers Includes: stagg height adjustable double braced drum throne (dt-32bk) Good quality stagg stereo headphones (shp-2300) Stagg 5a hickory drum sticks (shv5a)
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Description The Pop Guitar Pack - Exclusive for ICMP Students EXL120 Strings Eclipse Tuner XLR8 (FastFret) Louis Bellson’s Modern Reading in 4/4 Duralin 0.84 Green Pick
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Achieve a warm, vintage bass drum sound instantly by attaching the sheep skin muffler on to any standard bass drum beater.  This is a larger, fleece version which gives an even greater degree of muting and more bass timbre. The Muff Kopf is easy to care for and maintain with no washing required. An excellent tool for any playing situation! A simple and convenient way to get a warm Vintage, Acoustic or Jazz bass drum sound without changing the head or beater. Simply drops over the pedals beater and is then secured quickly and easily by a sliding toggle.
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SC-SAT Accessory Table Small with mount: • Attaches to a cymbal stand or rack bar.• 12" x 12" with 1" high borders and padded surfaces.
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RealFeel practice pads have long been the standard for pros, hobbyists, and students. Its hard to find a serious drummer who doesnt own an old RealFeel pad thats been beaten up, drawn on, baked in the trunk of a car, or otherwise abused. The crusty surface that results from years of relentless paradiddles, triplets, flams, and rolls is practically a badge of honor. A few cosmetic improvements have made todays modern RealFeels the go to choice for the next generation of obsessed shedders. Even after all this timenothing else feels like a RealFeel.
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