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The Dream Cymbal Han 12'' cymbal is based on the traditional Chinese "han" cymbal, with a much larger bell. Because of its bigger size, the bell creates a lower tone, along with a classic splashy sound with a gong-like wash that adds depth to any musical style. Finally, the Han Cymbal produces a warm, medium sustain that will add a positive touch to your music.
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Kasza Practice Cymbal Set with CaseCymbal sizes, 14in Hi Hats, 16in Crash, 18in Crash, 20in Ride + Cymbal case.The Kazsa cymbals, Quiet on the Set Series Practice Cymbal Pack is designed for practicing at a lower volume for every level of drumming. Made with the same quality as the pro series, the QOTS Series provides the perfect solution for practicing anytime. The cymbal set includes a carry case. Ready to rock straight out of the box.
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Quick Response, Affordable CostContact Splashes like their larger cousins have a warm and bright tone. They are quick to speak with a medium-high pitch and a relatively long decay for cymbals of this size and type. With a thicker body and a deeper, wider lathing style than other Dream cymbals, the Contact series bridges a difficult gap between vintage design and modern sound. Similar to other nude finish cymbals with deep lathing, the Contact splashes speak incredibly quickly making them louder than their Bliss counterparts. They are perfect for a loud or quiet setting providing the volume and expression needed for modern music whilst compromising on none of the complex dark undertones one would expect from Dream cymbals.Here's what Dream Cymbals have to say about the Contact Series CrashThe medium tapered bow on this 14” crash cymbal creates a clear and articulate sound. This is a reference cymbal for a perfect bright but not thin sounding 14 crash. Fast, full bodied and able to cut through a lot of noise.The Contact series feature a shaped and slightly deeper profile with a relatively larger bell. The stick feel is very lively, The pitch is higher but still rich and warm. These are medium to medium thin cymbals that speak very easily. Faster and louder, these plates also have depth and complexity in the undertones and a shimmering wash that drives the sound forward and up. At home in studio or live situations.SpecificationsSurface: wide deep lathing by handBow: medium taperBell: larger, articulate, clearWeight: medium to medium thin, very fast but solid responseHammering: deep hammered hot and coldStick: very crisp and fastWash: higher pitch, medium long decay
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Dream Cymbals are hand made and hand hammered by skilled artisans. The end result is quality cymbals that span a diverse range of sounds and musical applications. Formed in 2005 thru a partnership of Canadian instrument makers and Chinese artisans Dream set out to create top quality product lines at prices artist can afford.
Size:  20" Crash/Ride
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Brass alloy, 3 piece cymbal pack covering all the bases for student players. Made in Germany at the Paiste factory, these brass alloy cymbals have a good bright and responsive tone and are durable enough to cope with most playing styles. 14” Hi Hat pair 16” Crash 20” Ride
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101 Brass and 201 Bronze are manufactured according to the same high standards as previously the 502 and 302, and thus fulfill the same well known and well appreciated quality expectations.101 Brass cymbals are made from a selected and especially sonorous brass copper based alloy. Paiste employs modern, hi-tech production techniques in its German production facility for the manufacture of affordable cymbals with outstanding quality. The company utilizes its extensive Swiss-based know how and successfully transfers the essence of hand manufacture principles to modern, technical production. Paiste is a pioneer in this field, based on its 25 year experience with production of cymbals based on technology and automation. 14" hi-hat 16" crash 20" ride
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