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High quality combi DMX/power cables have IEC and 3-Pin XLR connectors that are used to link multiple DMX units together. EC male to IEC female Male 3-Pin XLR to female 3-Pin XLR
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DMX Lighting Cable Lead 12m, 3-pin XLR plug to 3-pin XLR socket. Twisted core for reduced noise interference For DMX-control or master/slave connection Cable - 4.0mm 177.910UK
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6 Metre PROFESSIONAL QUALITY STAGE GUITAR LEAD 1/4" (6.35mm) STRAIGHT JACK PLUG - 1/4" (6.35mm) RIGHT ANGLE JACK PLUG 6 Metres long INDIVIDUALLY BLISTER PACKED Adopting low electric resistance pure copper as its inner conductor, low dielectric constant PE as its insulation, this guitar cable is an audio transmission cable with high shielding rate. Being able to decrease noise interference and electric and magnetic induced distortion the cable can have high signal to noise ratio, making sound pure and delicate. Low capacity: 58pF ALSO AVAILABLE IN 10 Metre lengths AND 6 and 10 metre lengths with Straight Jack Plugs
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MARSHALL SPEAKER LEAD – BUDGET CBLA-00031 For connecting your amp head to a speaker cabinet. 5ft long Standard jack plugs on either end. Black Heavy duty NOT SUITABLE FOR USE AS A GUITAR LEAD as it does not have any shielding so it will be ‘noisy’ if used as a guitar cable. These cables are built for handing (relatively) high power not delicate audio levels.
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ONLY AVAILABLE WITH CAB ORDERS. High quality speaker leads for exceptional sound quality and reliability. High grade cable comprises 2 insulated pure copper cores. Durable wire and latching 2 pole genuine Neutrik speakOn and/or Neutrik inline 1/4" jack (choose dual speakOn or speakOn - 1/4" in the drop-down above). All Barefaced cabs use dual parallel combi speakon & 1/4" jacks for easy compatibility and are wired 1+ 1- (2 pole standard). If you're using a bridged power amp you may need to get a 4 pole speakOn and wire it 1+ 2+ (we do not stock these so you'll need to DIY). 1m length.
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Artist GS10 10ft (3m) Guitar Cable/Lead Standard grade guitar lead, suitable for guitars and other instruments. It has metal plugs, single heat-shrink and standard thickness cable. The Tech Features Model :- GS10 Type :- 3M / 10ft Guitar Lead with heat-shrink Connectors :- 1/4' 6.35mm Mono Cable Diameter:- 6mm Colour :- Black
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