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This TGI Music Stand with collapsable design offers fantastic value for money, delivering durable construction, intuitive adjustment options and traditional page holders and sheet music extensions. Everything you could want in a highly affordable package! The TGI Music Stand features multiple height adjust locks at the bottom, middle and top of the frame, with an additional angle adjustment lock at the head, ensuring you can display your pieces however you require. The TGI Music Stand is also supplied complete with black nylon carry bag! Steel construction Collapsible design Multiple height adjustments Head angle adjustment Sheet music extensions and Page holders Black nylon carry bag included Height (cm): 50 up to 120 Weight (Kg): 1.9
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The Rat Stands Scherzo Stand features a lightweight design for the gigging musician. The Scherzo's aluminium frame and tray weighs just 800 grams, whilst the compact folding design makes it easily portable. The wide angle tray with large lip is suitable for books of all sizes, as well as your tablet or smartphone device. This model's adjustable tripod base can be set to offer balance on a range of floor surfaces and tilts. The Schertzo height range reaches up to 117cm, which can be used by standing and seated musicians alike. This stand has a black colour for a classic look and includes a bag for easy portability.
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Durable Windcraft made conductors stand. This heavy duty large stand can accomodate the rigours of gigging life. Strong enough to support Real Books, large Scores or a big band pad these Windcraft stands will stand strong outside or look smart on stage. Reviews Anonymous review via Feefo - 2015-09-08 Suits my purpose well. Much more robust than traditional folding stand but lightweight construction. Amelia - 2012-12-26 This is an excellent sturdy music stand. Highly recommend it.
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Music Stand - Sturdily designed, it is made of steel, black powder-coated. This three-piece folding music stand is equipped with beautifully designed, easy-to-use clamping elements. Its large music desk with integrated nameplate provides lots of space for your personal sheet music. / Wt: 2.9 kg, Music Desk Dimensions: 500 x 240 mm, H: 720/1520 mm. / black
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Embroidered Music Stand Banners, made to your own crest design. Call for Details 02890 456177
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Music Stand for Orchestra With foldable sheet music holder Maximum overall height: Approx. 1490 mm Music rest: 480 x 345 mm Aluminium music rest Sheet music holder can also be used as tabletop holder One-handed height adjustment 1 Piece can be extended Tubular feet with support struts Stand can be folded for transport Height of stand: Approx. 620 - 1150 mm Stand when collapsed: Diametre approx.105 mm / Length approx. 680 mm Weight 3.2 kg Further Information Colour Black Orchestral Music Stand Yes Music Stand No Sheet Music Holder No Bag No Accessories No Total height 1.500mm No weight < 1,5kg No
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