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Features: Entry-level guitar accessory set, suitable for acoustic guitar lovers and beginners. Six strings make a set, fit for regular acoustic guitar greatly; package comes with 2 sets of strings. Made of high quality rubber material, the mute can minimize the shock and protect the strings well. Comes with 3 guitar picks with standard shape, providing you natural play feeling and warm mellow sound. Adopting high quality material and manufacturing technique, these guitar accessory tools are durable and worthy.
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About this Artist Acoustic Guitar Accessories Pack Grab this bundled accessory pack, perfect for any Acoustic Guitar This pack Contains :- GS001 - A frame guitar stand TN100 - Chromatic clip on Guitar Tuner, Artist recommended! CCP10 - Metal Capo to suit an Acoustic Guitar ACST1152 - 11-52 Acoustic Guitar Strings About this Artist GS002B A Frame Guitar Stand- Fits Acoustic and Classical Sturdy A frame style stand suits Acoustic & Classical guitars. This stand is not suited to Electric or Bass guitars - if you have an electric or bass use our GS003B or check out the universal style GS001 which can suit all guitar types. The Tech Features Model : - A-frame Guitar Stand Colour :- Black About this Capo We're always on the lookout for new guitar tools that do a better job than expensive brand name products, this Capo is a really good unit. Its made of metal so its really strong and it has an easy to use lever when you want to put this on your guitar or change keys. It has a strong smooth mechanism. A Capo is one of the most useful guitar tools and we think this one is really good. Don't let its cheap price fool you, personally I would use this Capo over any other Capo I have tried. The Tech Features Brand :- Artist Model :- CCP10 Material : - Metal and Rubber Suits - Steel string acoustic guitars and most electric guitars ( Does not suit - classical's, 12 strings or electric guitars with exceptionally flat fingerboards) About These Strings Acoustic Guitar Steel Strings Bronze Light gauge 11-52. A great beginners string with a little more tone than the ACST1047, light and easy to play The Tech Features Model :- ACST1152 Contents :- 1 set of Acoustic Guitar strings Gauges :- .011 .015 .022 .032 .042 .052 Material :- Bronze
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Moving heavy equipment, boxes etc. with minimum effort, this Trolley is perfect for gigs and at home. The heavy duty, yet lightweight aluminium construction folds down to a compact size for easy storage. The hand truck is designed to hold 70 kg and features a locking pull-out handle and 110 mm ball bearing wheels of hard-wearing thermal plastic rubber.
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Personalise your Stratocaster with this black Fender accessory kit. Now you can alter your Strats appearance without overspending. This kit consists of a set of knobs (volume and tone), a set of pickup covers and a backplate. Because this is a detail-oriented package, you will also recieve a black switch tip and a black knob for the tremolo arm. All parts can be fitted without making modifications or permanent adjustments to your Fender Stratocaster - the only thing you need is a screwdriver.Please note: the pickup covers wont fit Fender SCN, N3 and Noiseless pickups
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Fender White Accessory Kit for Strat
£20.90 was £22.00
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The easy way to change the look of your Stratocaster without spending a lot of money, Fender's Stratocaster accessory kits have everything you need to personalise your Strat. The kit includes volume and tone knobs, tremolo arm tip, switch tip, tremolo backplate and pickup covers, all finished in Parchment.
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