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Rode NT1-A microphone set including condenser microphone and keep drum NB35 arm stand holder with The NT1-A microphone is a perfect all-round microphone with the features that are otherwise hard to find in this price position of a warm, clear sound, this is a significant dynamic range and a high maximum sound pressure level. Sturdy, satinised nickel-plated NT1-A microphone comes with spider and transport case Technical details: - Power Supply P48 (48 V) P24 (24 V) Phantom Power - Acoustic working pressure gradient - Polar Pattern Cardioid - Frequency range 20 Hz - 20 kHz - Output Impedance 100O - Weight 326gm - Dimensions 190mmH x 50mmW x 50 m + Keep drum NB35 microphone stand for table microphone arm Articulated arm Details: , Screw Clamp for tabletops up to 50 mm Thickness - - Foam rubber area to protect the table top Top - 360 degree swivel function Vertical, 33 horizontal - Dimensions of the arm: 35 cm - Position stable thanks to 4 tension springs - Quick and easy to install - includes mic clip included ' - Includes thread reducer from 3/8AUF 5/8
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Product Details Compact Megaphone With Siren 6W Small compact megaphone easily carried in one hand, providing a siren tone or signal. Mouthpiece, microphone and handle are antibacterial treated Long life battery ABS or ASA high durability resin construction Lightweight and compact Enhanced audio quality with a wide frequency range Neodymium magnets Polyimide speaker diaphragms Audible extended range Specifications Attribute Value Megaphone Type Hand Grip Rated Power Output 6 W Alert Sound Siren Battery Life For Voice Use 10h Power Source AA x 8 Colour Red Weight 650g Depth 260mm Height 256mm Width 160mm
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This condenser microphone with big membrane (27,9 mm/1,1) is designed for professional studio and live inserts 'This omni-directional mic has an extremely thin, gold-coated 2.8 cm membrane (1.1) For use must use microphone a phantom power of 48 V Included in the box contents is a padded case, a Vibrationsdämpfender holder (Spider), windscreen and a leather case 'Vibration absorbing holder (Spider) with thread 16 mm (5⁄8), microphone windshields - Leather Case, Padded Case Supplied in foam case
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Features Connectivity: USB / 3.5 mm jack Cardioid recording pattern Compatible with PC / Mac Integrated stand The Razer Seirēn Elite Microphone - Black is a versatile multi-pattern USB digital microphone with the recording capabilities of a professional-grade studio setup all in a single plug and play device. With an aluminium base as a stabilizer, the mic sits securely on your home or studio desktop without the need of an additional mic stand, making it ideal for recording and streaming. The Razer Seiren delivers high performance so your audience will always enjoy truly better recording clarity. This digital microphone is not only designed to meet and exceed the rigorous expectations of the professional artist and musician in the studio but also simple to use for the game streamer or professional YouTuber at home. High Definition Studio-Grade Recording Built into the Razer Seiren are three 14 mm custom-tuned condenser capsules in an array that is capable of four different recording pattern configurations. Able to record at outstanding clarity levels multiple times of that found on CDs, with an impressive recording resolution of 192 kHz / 24-bit, the Razer Seiren is the ideal tool to reach out to your subscribers whether you are new to streaming or a veteran in the field. Four Dedicated Recording Patterns for Multiple Applications Different recording applications call for specific recording patterns that better accommodates the use case. The Razer Seiren allows you to quickly switch between four polar recording patterns by rotating the main control knob. Zero Latency Headphone Output for Accurate Monitoring The Razer Seiren comes with a built-in headphone amplifier that accommodates any monitoring headphone that has a 3.5 mm jack. With zero latency output when plugged directly into the Razer Seiren, the headphone allows accurate monitoring of your recordings in real-time. Ensure that you sound exactly as you want your listeners to hear you. By using the control knobs on the microphone’s body, you will be able to quickly adjust the mic gain and headphone volume for an optimal recording and listening experience. USB Plug and Play Recording The Razer Seiren is made to be an easy to use plug and play USB microphone – no fuss involved. Plug into any Windows desktop device and install Razer Synapse software to get the latest up-to-date drivers for the microphone. Mac devices by default do not require any additional drivers to use the Razer Seiren. Shock Mount for Minimal Noise (Optional Accessory) Made to fit the Razer Seiren perfectly, this sleek full-aluminium shock mount suspends the mic and reduces the noise generated from unwanted vibrations. The elastic construction absorbs any movements and disperses it along the frame, so you will have a crisp recording with minimal noise every time. This accessory is available exclusively on RazerStore. Pop Filter for Zero Hissing (Optional Accessory) Easily installed onto the microphone’s aluminium base, the pop filter helps reduce the phenomena “Plosives” and “Sibilance”, eliminating noticeable pops or hisses on the recording when “P’s” and “S’s” are recorded. Simply combine the pop filter with the shock mount to experience better recording that will have your listeners immersed in your captured moment. This accessory is available exclusively on RazerStore. Specifications Physical Form Factor Microphone Case Colour Black Pack Quantity 1 Microphone Microphone Type Dynamic Polar Patterns Cardioid Microphone Frequency Response 50Hz to 20kHz Interfaces Connector(s) 1 x USB
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Bundle offer comprising Sennheiser E 902 Dynamic bass drum microphone Specially for bass drums, tubas, and other bass instruments Polar pattern: Cardioid Frequency range: 20 - 18,000 Hz Impedance: 350 Ohm Integrated stand adapter Incl. bag Dimensions: 128.5 x 60 mm Weight: 440 g Millenium BD 100 Micro Tripod For Bass Drum Special tripod for the positioning of the microphone in front of or in the bass drum Extendable Dimensions: 20 x 19 x 18 to 24.5 cm Colour: Black Included: Thread Adapter 3/8 "- 5/8" Further Information Microphone Set For Guitars Yes Microphone Set For Drums Yes Microphone Set For Vocals & Speech No Microphone Set For Cameras No Microphone Set For Wind Instruments No
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For meetings, conferences and concerts, with the ME‐30W Conference Microphones, it is easier than ever to capture sounds in large gatherings, all in high quality stereo. This professional solution includes two omni‐directional microphones engineered by Olympus for seamless compatibility. With 360°coverage, you'll never miss a contribution ‐ no matter where the speaker is sitting. These left and right channel, low‐noise stereo microphones cover a 20Hz ‐ 20,000Hz frequency bandwidth and can be attached to two foldable mini tripods which are included in the kit. For maximum coverage, they can be placed up to 5 metres (16ft) apart – perfect for recording in large rooms, concert venues or when many participants are sitting around a very large table. The ME‐30W Conference Microphone Kit includes a soft carry case that keeps everything together, compact and protected on the move. Optionally the Conference Microphone Kit can be equipped with an AC power adaptor, for potentially unlimited power. Features Capture sound in large gatherings 2 omni‐directional high quality microphones Tripods included, easy set up
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