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Description A second hand accordion from Scarlatti. 26 key 2 voice right hand with a 48 bass left hand this accordion is suitable as a beginners instrument. Swing tuned Comes complete with Hard case and straps This accordion is second hand in excellent condition Specification 26 keys 2 voice 48 bass Swing tuned Second hand
{"currency":"GBP","merchant_key":"","prices":[[1576195200000,325],[1581901699295,325]],"product_title":"Scarlatti 48 bass piano accordion"}
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Accordion 26 Treble keys 2 Reed ranks 3 Treble registers 48 Basses Weight: 6 kg Colour: Blue Incl. Carrying straps and gig bag with backpack shoulder straps Further Information Amount Of Basses 48 Sets Of Reeds 2 Amount of Treble Registers 3 Treble Keys 26 Helicon Bass No Colour Blue Bag Yes Case No Weight 6,0 kg
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The Accordion by Gear4music is an excellent instrument, ideal for any beginner or intermediate player. The quality of the Accordion by Gear4music shines through with a fantastic full sound across its bass and treble range. A pearloid design and leather strap help finish our design in style.
{"currency":"GBP","merchant_key":"","prices":[[1566004099305,349.99],[1568764800000,329.99],[1578441600000,299.99],[1580688000000,329.99],[1581901699305,329.99]],"product_title":"Accordion by Gear4music, 24 Bass"}
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Diatonic accordion 8 Low Color CHEVALLIER black - Tone: GROUND / DOH - Tidied up outside in GROUND internal Row DOH - Weight of the only accordion: 3.5 kilos - Dimensions(Size) of the suitcase of transport: 35x35x20 cm - This model of accordion is mainly intended for the students not wishing to spend a lot of money and to perfect in the learning(apprenticeship) of the bases of the diatonic. This model can also suit to the occasional accordionists who want simply to indulge themselves.
{"currency":"GBP","merchant_key":"","prices":[[1566004099307,326],[1581901699307,326]],"product_title":"ACCORDION OF STUDY CHEVALLIER 8 BASS BLACK"}
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Kids accordion 22 Treble keys 8 Basses Weight: 2.5 kg Colour: Red Incl. strap Further information Amount Of Basses 8 Treble Keys 22 Helicon Bass No Colour Red Bag No Case No Weight 2,5 kg
{"currency":"GBP","merchant_key":"","prices":[[1576195200000,23399],[1581901699309,23399]],"product_title":"Startone Puck Kids Accordion Red"}
Description : Specification : KEYS : 34 BASSES : 72 TREBLE VOICES : 3 WEIGHT (KG) : 7.8 TREBLE REGISTERS : 5 BASS REGISTERS :  2
{"currency":"GBP","merchant_key":"","prices":[[1576195200000,3435],[1581901699311,3435]],"product_title":"Serenellini - 343mw 72 bass accordion"}
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