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font-size:11pt color:#000000'>Back and sides made of solid EUROPEAN MAPLE Medium flames Solid EUROPEAN SPRUCE TOP Red-brown natural resin varnish Hand varnish Inserted purfling Ebony fittings Original Aubert bridge, pre-adjusted Wittner fine tuning tailpiece (optional see above) Thomastik-Infeld AlphaYue strings (optional see above) Ebony chin rest Rosin (optional see above) Massaranduba / Carbon bow with natural hair (optional see above) Violin form case / violin oblong case with screw-attached cover, rucksack straps and reflectors (optional see above) Minimal colour variation possible due to hand-varnished treatment Not set up: without label all other options including label If generally "without label", please inform
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{"currency":"GBP","merchant_key":"","prices":[[1576540800000,286],[1582097837968,286]],"product_title":"GEWA Violin Ideale-VL2"}
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B-Stock, Rozanna`s Violins Butterfly Dream Violin 4/4 Pink, fully solid violin design-violin with solid spruce top, maple-back and -sides, maple-neck, ebony pegs, ebony fingerboard, ebony tailpiece with 4 finetuners and glas crystal, perlon-strings, comes with bow, case and rosin, design: pink / Butterfly Dream., B-Stock with full warranty, may have traces of use. Further Information Incl. Bow Yes case included Yes Fretbboard Ebony no tropical wood used No Flamed Back No Strings Cordes simples avec âmes en nylon Fine tuners Yes Fine Tuning Screw for E string No
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{"currency":"GBP","merchant_key":"","prices":[[1576800000000,286.38],[1577145600000,288.7],[1577404800000,287.82],[1577750400000,287.63],[1578009600000,283.99],[1578355200000,286.61],[1578614400000,286.28],[1578960000000,286.86],[1579219200000,288.87],[1579824000000,273.69],[1580256000000,271.54],[1580428800000,272.41],[1580774400000,272],[1581033600000,273],[1582097837970,273]],"product_title":"Rozanna`s Violins Butterfly Dream Violin B-Stock"}
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Westbury VF033 4/4 Intermediate Violin OutfitThis hand crafted Westbury Violin offers everything necessary to start learning the violin to a great standard. With a handcrafted maple and spruce body combined with ebony components this violin is a great instrument for beginners and intermediate players.Maple and Spruce BodyThis Westbury VF033 Violin boasts a Maple and Spruce body which gives a great resonant sound and a superb response, which is perfect for student and intermediate violins. These great quality woods have then been handcrafted and manufactured to give every violin special character and optimum tone. From there, the instrument is varnished to a top quality to make it look great and last a long time.Ebony Components ThroughoutA huge feature for the Westbury VF033 Violins is the use of ebony on the fingerboard, chinrest, topnut and pegs. Ebony is a soft wood with a higher density, making it great for wood which will come in to contact with moisture on a regular basis due to its impermeable nature. The extensive use of ebony is often found on more expensive instruments. Included Bow, Bridge and HardcaseIncluded in this Westbury Violin Outfit are all the extra accessories that you need to get going as soon as you get the violin. Included in the pack is an octagonal Brazilwood bow, which gives an ideal weight distribution right across the bow. this in turn gives better overall control. Also included is the French style Despiau Bridge which is fitted perfectly for each instrument. All this comes in a hard dart-shaped moulded case, which provides great protection when moving the instrument to lessons, rehearsals and concerts alike.
{"currency":"GBP","merchant_key":"","prices":[[1566518400000,289],[1582097837973,289]],"product_title":"Westbury VF033 4/4 Intermediate Violin Outfit"}
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The perfect violin to take you into more advanced musical territory. The Hidersine Piacenza Violin is both a superb quality violin and a stunning example of traditional craftsmanship. This Piacenza is a full size violin featuring Wittner's Finetune pegs. These pegs are a monumental addition to the Hidersine Venezia as they give you much more control and accuracy whilst you are tuning.This outfit includes a half-mounted bulletwood bow with ebony frog, Hidersine rosin, and an oblong styrofoam case with accessory compartment and music pocket.
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Features Carved from solid tonewoods Fitted with Artec transducer Volume and tone control Jack socket Quality wood bow Lightweight case
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{"currency":"GBP","merchant_key":"","prices":[[1572307200000,286],[1582097837978,286]],"product_title":"Harlequin Electric Violin Outfit, 4/4 Size - Black"}
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Well respected intermediate outfit made in normal finish (VL80, with dart shaped case) or antiqued finish (VL105, with rectangular case).  List price £300 (normal), £420 (antiqued).
Size:  4/4
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{"currency":"GBP","merchant_key":"","prices":[[1576195200000,270],[1582097837982,270]],"product_title":"Westbury violin outfit (Eastman VL80 / Eastman VL105 ) normal and antiqued."}
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