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The Rosedale Intermediate Flute by Gear4music combines a wealth of advanced features and a classic design to give you a highly playable instrument at a breakthrough price. With its open hole design the Rosedale Intermediate Flute ideal for the advancing player who has discerning tastes, yet still wants great value with a head joint instrument made of the finest precious metals. Included are a range of accessories to get going with straight away.
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Key Features Material: Maple wood, dried slowly and naturally in open air Made in: Germany Included: Pouch and cleaning rod Finish: Natural satin
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The PP1126 wind whistle creates an effective, mesmeric and shimmering sound effect of the wind.This UK made whistle's variable pitch makes it great for re-enacting the wind at varying strengths.To play, you simply blow through the instrument and this great and exciting sound effect is produced.This is also great for walkers, bird watchers or hunters looking for a decoy.Suitable for schools, kids and orchestras alike, this whistle is a great accessory.
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The Odyssey Premiere range of instruments have been designed and built to the higest standards of workmanship. Comes complete with all the accessories you will need to get started.Features Curved head joint Straight head joint 16 closed keys Split-E mechanism Offset G French style key Quality French pads and springs Cupronickel body Silver plated finish Curved headjoint Hard shell case: Wood case/leatherette cover with padded carry bag Accessories: Cleaning cloth, flute rod
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Please note: This product is a serial download and not a boxed version. Once your order has been placed, you will be emailed after with a download key to access your software. You can Register your software through the link below. The follow-up to the much loved original... Orchestral Essentials 2! The Orchestral Essentials series captures the essence of the ProjectSAM experience: an inspiring collection of sounds taken from our extensive, cinematic product catalog. This volume expands your Orchestral Essentials template with brand-new selections from the ProjectSAM catalog, including the Symphobia series, the True Strike series and our other libraries, all re-designed and streamlined to fit the Orchestral Essentials concept. The Mixed Orchestra section in Orchestral Essentials 2 offers you beautiful, live recordings of different orchestral sections playing together, such as full orchestra recorded with choir and strings recorded with brass. The individual Strings, Brass, Woodwinds and Percussion sections deliver new articulations and sounds including lush string sordinos and flageolets, a massive, 8-player French Horn section, new, powerful drum sounds and chilling bowed cymbal scrapes. The Keyboards include a soft, delicate grand piano, box organ and cimbalom. Orchestral Essentials 2 adds 5 beautiful legato instruments: solo trumpet, solo flute, solo oboe, cellos performing with bassoon and bass clarinet performing with contra bassoon. For these instruments legato transitions were recorded for all note intervals up to an octave up and down. All instruments have been re-designed to fit the Orchestral Essentials concept, providing out-of-the-box playability and a cinematic sound that is impossible to beat at this price point. Orchestral Essentials 2 is a must-have addition for owners of the first volume, but is a powerful stand-alone volume too, especially for composers who already have their orchestral basics covered. If you don't own Orchestral Essentials 1 yet, go for the Orchestral Essentials Pack and get up to scoring speed with the killer cinematic orchestral package. New instrument: Military Percussion Ensemble New instrument: Violins 8th Note Sync Repetition New instrument: Piano/Harp/Vibes Ensemble (unison) Native Kontrol Standard support Various other fixes & improvements This is a serial download and not a boxed version
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