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Easy-Life Catappa-X Fish & Shrimp Health and Colour Booster Available in 100, 250 & 500ml Leaves from the Catappa tree are known to release healing substances when immersed in water; these substances have been shown to have positive effects on the health and colouration of fish and shrimp. Rather than using Catappa leaves that will eventually decompose and contaminate fish tank water, Catappa-X by Easy-Life is a liquid version of the leaf that mimics the natural healing effects. Catappa-X will not discolour or contaminate your aquarium water and it lowers the bacterial count, which greatly reduces the chance of a disease breakout. Catappa-X allows fish and shrimps to flourish and have more vibrant colours. Benefits: Fish & shrimps will show more vibrant colours Improves the general health of fish tank inhabitants Prevents diseases Does not turn the water brown No extra organic contamination Dosing Instructions: It is recommended to use 10ml per 100 litres of water weekly. Key information More Information Model: EL-CATAPPA-
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eSHa 2000 500ml Finrot And Bacteria Treatment eSHa 2000 treats over 18 symptoms and disease organisms. For example primary and secondary fungal infections, white or slightly off white film or fluffy growths on the mouth, fins or body of your fish, bacterial skin infections and skin or gill parasites, protozoan parasites, discoloured skin patches, cloudy fins, rubbing against plants, decor and gravel, ulcers and wounds, Dropsy, Shimmying Disease and fin rot. An added advantage is its ability to assist wound healing and to protect the skin layer. eSHa 2000 also blocks Neon Tetra Disease. The combination of eSHa 2000, EXIT and eSHa gdex gives you an extremely broad range of action. eSHa 2000 FUNGUS, FINROT AND BACTERIA TREATMENT Image is of the 20ml pack Category - eSHa Fish Treatments.
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EHSA Optima Fish Health Booster Esha OPTIMA is a unique combination of trace elements, minerals and vitamins that are missing from your tap water. These ingredients help recreate the natural tropical environment your fish deserve. Your fish will flourish and you will see the results. Boosts fish health. Increases resistance against disease and parasites. Speeds up recovery of sick and injured fish. Helps induce spawning. Treats 2000 litres.
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King British Aquatic Plant Food provides essential nutrients to encourage healthy plant growth.
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Nishikoi are leaders in the field of pond food nutrition and there latest innovation comes in the form of Nishikoi Health Pellets, offering an all year round health promoting diet for Koi and other pond fish. Nishikoi Health is a pellet food that enables your fish to recover from the stresses they may encounter from being moved, extreme temperature changes, water changes and a host of other conditions. Extensive research has shown that the ingredients and additives used in Nishikoi Health has a positive effect on the overall health and natural balance of your pond fish. Nishikoi Health is a highly digestible, tasty, wheatgerm based diet. It has reduced levels of protein and fat to aid rejuvenation of weakened fish at any time of the year. This feed is perfect to prepare our fish for the coming winter and to feed after this to get them on top form for the warmer months. Nishikoi Health is truly a year round food being used whenever the water temperature is over 9C and with our fluctuating weather conditions this offers a great advantage to all pond keepers to give their fish the utmost care whatever the season. Specification Nishikoi Health contains the following Ingredients for a vitality boost:- Prebiotecs Containing Insulin: A polysaccharide with prebiotic characteristics. This provides positive micro flora - needed to stimulate the growth & activity of the essential bacteria needed in the digestive system for overall fish health. Organic acids: - Added to help improve digestion & form a barrier to pathogenic bacteria. Beta-Glucans: Obtained from the walls of yeast cells. These aid natural disease resistance. Garlic: Well known as a health booster for fish and feeding stimulant for fussy feeders or fish that are recovering from stress or disease
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Coral reefs are the most spectacular and diverse ecosystems in the marine environment. Over the last decades, however, dramatic declines of coral reef communities have been observed. Based on an international meeting on "Coral Health and Disease" in Eilat, Israel in April 2003, the book starts with case studies of reefs. The second part on microbial ecology and physiology describes the symbiotic relations of corals and microbes, and the microbial role in nutrition or bleaching resistance of corals.
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