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When moving the toy back and forth, treats fall out through the integrated openings The level of difficulty is individually adjustable It can easily be opened and filled with snacks Size: Small (10 cm)
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Patchwork Pet Soft Plush Dog Toys - Various Pastel Softie Stick is full of colorful patches that are made of durable, fluffy, mushroom fabric. Dogs will love to wrestle & snuggle with this softie. Features Soft textured plush toy Neat pastel color with up to 5 squeakers and 1 large grunter Double stitching for durability Monkey & Caterpillar designs Available 20" and 35" sizes Please Note: Plush dog toys are suitable only for soft play and are not designed to be chewed on by your dog.
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Chewing tobacco might leave a bad taste in your mouth, but that doesn’t stop cowboys from chewing it ‘til... well, the cows come home. Politicians can also leave a bitter taste, but escape chewing. Until now. So, if you or your dog (we don’t judge) feel that you need to sink your teeth into something even tougher than the evening news, you need one of these Pet Hates Politician Chew Toys! Unlike a State of the Nation address, we’re not going to beat around the (George W.) Bush. These chew toys are modelled on famous (or infamous?) party leaders. We’ve got Boris, Theresa, Jeremy, and Donald (because, you know, orange is the new black). These political pet chew toys are made of tough fabric and filled with polyester (and absolutely no hot air!). Unlike an actual politician’s reputation, though, these chew toys are not indestructible. So, be sure to monitor for over-zealous chewing... and beware fake chews. So, for a chew toy that’s more fun than the Brexit rollercoaster, order one (or more) of these Pet Hates Politician Chew Toys today! - Male - adult
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Get your pooch something strong and stable to play with! Complete with squeakers. Both squeakers are found in Nylon pockets for extra protection from teeth. Reinforced seams with cotton ribbon. Dimensions: 36cm high, 28cm wide. Tired of seeing your politicians chew you up and spit you out? This is quite the chance to get your own back. Treat your dog and let them have a chew on this Theresa Dog Toy complete with two built in squeakers, because squeak means squeak. To be sure that your anti political pooch doesn’t break the poor PM (at the time of writing this at least) the toy has been reinforced with cotton ribbon in its seams. In addition to this, the squeakers are fond in nylon pockets for extra protection. Alas, like our own political leaders, The Theresa Dog Toy isn’t completely secure. Meaning this product won’t be suited to really sharp teeth. Cards and gifts are sent separately. View our Delivery page for more details on Gift processing and delivery times.
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