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Item No.: 2902300 Shoe Brush SetLeather shoes last longer with the right care, so ensure the longevity of your shoes by investing in this two brush set. An essential care product for all your leather shoes, these affordable brushes will make it easy to keep your shoes looking smarter for longer. This brush set includes two soft bristle brushes, one with beige bristles and one with black bristles, so you can dedicated one to applying product and one for buffing to a shine. Colour: beige, black
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Shine your shoes in style with our solid beech wood and horsehair brush. This brush is gentle on your leather goods while giving you a superior shine. Use with your favourite leather conditioner or polish. Length 14 cm Width 5 cm Height 4 cm Weight 78 g
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Small Shoe Brush This small genuine horsehair shoe brush with beechwood handle fits perfectly in your hand for polishing your shoes.
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Details TOPSHINE SHOE POLISHING BRUSHES Our Shoe Brushes are crafted from 100% natural horsehair and are available in black and natural bristles; perfect for buffing your shoes and giving them the ultimate shine. All our brushes are carefully handcrafted by a team of specialist to the highest standards by using only the best tail horsehair. How to use Hold the brush in the middle of the handle and gently apply enough pressure till the tip of the horsehair touches the leather. Use long swings for a good shine
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Includes three different brushes made of wood for cleaning, treating and polishing.
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Rejuvenate and prolong the life of the suede soles Helping to keep shoes in tip-top condition Made of durable material 0
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