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We all know that the weight restrictions on flights are annoying. If you are someone who travels frequently, particularly on business, you have probably come across the conundrum of whether to pack your shoe trees or not. As every kilogram counts these days, you have probably sacrificed your shoes’ wellbeing by deciding not to, resulting in your spare pair of shoes to get squashed inside your luggage. At The Shoe Snob, we can fix this problem by offering our plastic Travel Man's Shoe Tree that weighs virtually nothing and protects your shoes without adding any significant weight to your luggage. It’s a win/win situation. Each Shoe Tree is adjustable by two shoe sizes. For example, for a size 44 shoe, we would recommend you purchase the size 43-44 Shoe Tree, and use the adjuster to fit the shoe once in place. Always put in and take out the Shoe Tree in the smaller size Made from plastic Weight = 185 - 265g Small (EU39-EU40, UK5-UK6, US6-US7) Medium (EU41-EU42, UK7-UK8, US8-US9) Large (EU43-EU44, UK9-UK10, US10-US11) X-Large (EU45-EU46, UK11-UK12, US12-US13)
Size:  Large - UK9 to UK10
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A pair or wooden cedar shoe trees are a must-have if you want your shoes to keep their shape over time. Quality mens shoe trees should be made of a softwood like Cedar and are never coated with varnish or lacquer. If you're not wearing your shoes, they should be protected with shoe trees. Our shoe trees are an elegant, lasted cedar shoe tree laterally sprung for optimum width fit. Made from untreated cedar wood the wood is soft and absorbent to reduce moisture and its aroma will freshen your shoes also. Outstanding value - you'll find these shoe trees being sold at twice this price on many websites! If you take a half size - buy the size below for example, if you take size 91⁄2, buy size 9 shoe trees. Please Note Our shoe trees are shipped in plain white boxes Sometimes white crystals appear in transit due to changes in heat and humidity and moisture content of the cedar wood. This may lead to oily marks on the box. To remove the crystals wipe with a dry cloth. You can re-invigorate the fragrance of your mens Cedar shoe trees by rubbing with fine sandpaper when required.
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RaxCollection Cedar Wood Shoe Trees IMPORTANT Very few pairs maybe stained by small white CEDAR OIL as shown in one customer feedback. That is NOT MOULD . All our trees are made from 100% natural cedar wood so in very few chances the cedar oil may oozing from the wood pieces.This actually proves the material for good. Cedar oil has natural mold-killing properties, so there's no way to get mould. You just need to wipe it off, no harm. Or you can ask for replacement to be assured. The sizes in the drop-down list are recommended for regular shoes. We strongly suggest you to check size chart in the last picture for more accurate selection. For starters, you may need to consider shoe types and purposes when selecting the trees. e.g. for nice Derby with very narrow peaks, you may choose a half size smaller in case the front part can't fit in. If your new shoes are too tight and you want them wider for good, you can choose the trees with minimum length close to your shoe size (e.g. shoe size 8, you may choose "EU42 / UK8-8.5", instead of "EU41 / UK7.5-8"). If the trees don't fit your shoes well, we warmly invite you to return it and request replacement. Please do not leave a feedback to a star with a message such as "The dimension are not right". There are many types of footwear, and each manufacturer has its own measures. We can't guarantee a shoetree that works for all shoes. This shoetrees is made of natural solid cedar wood without coating of varnish or lacquer. The material can give off pleasant scent in your shoes and aslo can absorbe the moisture to a certain extent.
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Clear Plastic Shoe Trees - 10 Pairs Suitable for Men's sizes 6-12 UK
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NEW Mens Quality Cedar Wood Double Tube Shoe Trees by Cathcart Elliot NEW: Men's Aromatic Cedar Wood Double Tube Shoe Trees Top selling product. This is the perennial favourite shoe tree for helping to preserve your shoes. Cedar wood is light-weight and strong Naturally assists drying of sweaty shoes Help keep the shoes shape and straighten out creases, leading to longer life. Nice aroma of aromatic cedar wood Please note natural cedar wood varies in colour from deep pink to white. the colour of wood used may contain a mix of colours and this is quite normal. Cedar wood also is rich is a natural cedar oils which give it it's aroma and protect it from pests. After periods of storage it may show some white crystals - this is not mould and is normal and can be wiped off. This item can be engraved / personalised. Engraving is extra £2.50 - Note: Customisation is only offered on items bought through our own site. If you are a half size shoe - order the half size DOWN. (E.g. if you are normally an 8.5 UK Size t - Cedar Wood
Colour:  Cedar Wood
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Add a stately look to your home with these beautiful Bay Trees.Bay Trees are easy to care for and look simply stunning in pots either side of a door or pathway....
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