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The Airsoft Innovations Propane Adaptors are now use in 20 countries Since discovering that green gas is propane, thousands of airsofters world-wide have switched to cheap and readily-available domestic propane. The AI Propane Adaptor is compatible with the most widely used disposable propane tanks, available in many countries. Please make sure appropriate tanks are available in your country before purchasing an adaptor. 1 Compare Wal-Mart propane to the most popular brands of Green Gas. The savings in the UK has been measured at 67% with propane at DIY stores. Description • New V5 design is requires no assembly! • Completely re-useable • Compatible with nearly every gas gun. Adaptors for both propane and computer duster gas. • Reduce gas costs by 80%1 • Real instruction manual • High-resolution assembly video (new video coming, current video is for V3 adaptor) • Comes with easy to inject silicone oil to maintain your mags • Soft sealing plastic tip doesn't mar brass magazine fill valves. • Comes with a repair tip in case you damage the propane adaptor tip. • Shippable via standard non HazMat methods. Is your green gas safe to ship? This kit comes with: Propane Adaptor: Economically propel your gas powered airsoft accessories and guns. The propane adaptor is compatible with small one lb. disposable propane tanks manufactured by Coleman or Bernzomatic available at most camping supply and DIY / hardware stores. Gas so cheap it's almost free. A Duster Adaptor: with computer duster cans, power your low pressure airsoft guns/accessories with HFC134a (Tetrafluoroethane). 1⁄2oz (15ml) Light-Weight Silicone Oil: For maintaining your gas powered airsoft guns and accessories.
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Hook-and-loop backed patches of the Magpul PTS logo.
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Spring PoweredåÊ Plastic ConstructionåÊ Practice BBs Magazine Clip Light WeightåÊ Easy to UseåÊ 230 FPS w 6mm 0.12g BB's 20 Round MagazineåÊ 11" overall length This gun is not serviceable and does not include a warranty of any kind.
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Airsoft Action Mag - jan 2018 Airsoft is an international sport and Airsoft Action is “the airsofter’s magazine of choice” ! Airsoft Action is also the only UK-based magazine that attends shows and events around the World, with a regular presence at both The SHOT Show in Las Vegas and IWA in Nuremberg. Airsoft Action also covers the prestigious G&G CQB World Championships in Taiwan and regularly has coverage of other events, such as Operation Lion Claws in the USA and Warzone in Crete. Practical Shooting was all but killed off in the UK and airsoft has meant shooters up and down the country can now enjoy their sport again. Airsoft Action is at the forefront of championing the growth of this highly skillful, competitive sport and will continue to support it at every opportunity, such as The Airsoft Surgeon European Championship. We have a Staff of nearly 30 Contributors, each one an airsofter or specialist in their field, headed up by an Editor with many years of experience in both publishing and “force on force” combat sports. Some have military experience, others are involved in the Trade and most are regular players at sites up and down the UK – and beyond. Sku : AA-JAN-2018
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Available stock: 1 ARTHURIAN AIRSOFT EXCALIBUR OFFSPRING - MIDNIGHT PURCHASER MUST BE OVER 18 AND HAVE A VALID DEFENCE INFORMATION REQUIRED Arthurian Airsoft has released the 'Excalibur' range of AEGs with something for every player. The Excalibur AEGs are all full metal construction with numerous styles of external parts to compliment and individualise every variant.
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The Airsoft Innovations XL Burst is a new loud and proud simulation flashbang. Made from fully CNC machined aluminum, this impact-activated grenade begs to get tossed, and only requires propane and dirt cheap burst elements. With a 125dBA bang, you'll know when it you hear it. Kit Contains 30x Burst Discs & ONE XL Burst exclusive morale patch.
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