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World-class archers look to the Easton X10 for higher scores and winning performance. The X10 barrelled profile provides maximum stability in unpredictable windy conditions. Designed for optimum performance with recurve bows. Shaft features: • Straightness: +/- .0015′′ Guaranteed max • Weight tolerance: +/- 0.5 grains • High-strength carbon fibre bonded to a 7075 alloy core tube • Polished black carbon finish PLEASE NOTE: Points/inserts are PURCHASED SEPARATELY. We will fit if required. Please state. PERSONALISED FLETCHED ARROWS Arrows are fletched with Arizona Flexi vane EP. Please state which sizes and colours are required (1st colour cock fletch, 2nd colour hen fletch). Easton pin nocks are fitted (state which size is required).
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These are matched arrows, spine to match your bows draw weight and your draw length. Please put as much information on order form regarding colours of fletching required, draw length and bow type arrows are being made for.  Special order.
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In cooperation with a German agglutinant producer, we created this universal glue. This contact adhesive is solvent-free and therefore does not produce any noxious vapours. You will achieve best results with the Archery Glue on wooden, carbon and aluminium shafts. Accessories: 2 doser tips Field of Application: natural feathers, plastic fletches, nocks, adhesive tips, inserts Quality: Made in Germany
Size:  20g
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Arrow Making Workshop. Attend one of our arrow making workshops to learn and understand the process for assessing, selecting and making wooden arrows form start to finish. This includes: Understanding spines Selecting Spines Tapering shafts Cutting shafts Applying points and nocks Fletching Whipping the arrows All material for the demonstration are provided for all attendees to have a go at each step during the arrow making workshop. The cost of the workshop does not include any arrows that can be taken away at the end of the session, but all parts to make your own at home can be bought whilst on the course in store at Eagle Archery. The course lasts approx. 2 hours, depending on the ability and understanding of the participants during the course.
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Easton Arrow Puller made with high grip compound material for maximum arrow grip. Flat "puck" design for maximum grip leverage. 1 puller.
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We designed these arrows as an introduction to recreational archery between 5 and 10 metres with a steel arrowhead.Try out archery with the whole family! Are you looking for a real steel head arrow for discovering archery and shooting at a foam archery target boss from between 5 et 10 m away?
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