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Boar 2D archery target Perfect for field archery or any outdoor archery use. These archery targets are hand made from high density rubber and are covered in canvas burlap and hand painted. Shown against a black background these targets are the actual shape (not square). They are all hand painted with individual designs (please contact for custom targets) and have been used in outdoor archery field courses with no degrading over 18 months. Approx 80cm high x 100cm wide by 8cm deep and can stop carbon arrows from a close distance.
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Good Budget quality, target from BMC made with compacted foam to gain longevity for these targets the recomended max bow weight for 12cm target is 25lb sizes available 60cm x 60cm and 80cm x80cm
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archery foam with aluminium stand target shooting archery and cross bow size 60x60x4.5cm Sku : FoamTarget
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Safe metal pellet catcher for all CO2 pistols, with deflective angle to avoid ricochets. Knock down the four animal figures and then hit the centre disc to reset. Great, challenging fun for all family. Suitable for air pistols and air rifles Suitable for rapid firing (CO2 pistols) Ideal for beginners or intermediates Suitable for leisure or competition Wall mountable or free standing Avoids ricochets Solid construction and heavy gauge steel Length: approx. 48cm (19.5") Manufacturer: SMK
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A multi target tower for rifles. Some basic assembley required. The top section can hold paper targets which are easily lifted in and out of the holder.On the sides are a rat at the top, a pig and a warthog. Hitting one of these will result in the target swinging backwards and causing the other animal target to appear on the the other side. This then allows for the target to be constantly used without having to go to it to reset it.
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What's Included • Two and a half hour target shooting package • Experience target and field archery, axe throwing and crossbows • Spend approximately 30 minutes on each discipline • Welcome and safety briefing • Introduction to the equipment • Tuition with experienced instructors • All equipment and tuition is provided • You will for part of a group of up to 9 participants • Full day entry to the stunning Mount Ephraim Gardens is included for participantsTarget Archery • Recurve bows are used for sessions • Practice shots, improve aim, stance and position before heading out in to the woodlandField Archery • Instinctive hunting style archery • Aim at 3D foam targets (rabbits, deers boar etc) in the woodland settingAxe Throwing • Take aim at wood targets using Hickory or Tomahawk axes Crossbows • Using pistol style crossbows you will fire at straw or foam targets
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