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Red Boxing Gloves Fight Punch Bag MMA Muay Thai Training Mitt Pro Heavy Bag Kick Pad Product Features: Rex leather Red boxing gloves comes in Red/Black colour combinations. Comes in 10oz and 12oz size Target feature helps your aim and focus to enhance hand eye co-ordination High density foam layering for maximum shock absorption Air vent on palm to reduce sweat Fit for adults Great for boxing training or sparring purposes Longer wrist strap to provide better wrist protection Extra padding on wrist to reduce chances of Hand Injury
Very Good Quality Boxing Gloves, Durable Synthetic Leather Shell, High Density Machine Mould Padding, Thumb Attachment, Velcro Wrist Fastener, Ideal for Boxing, Kick Boxing or Cardio Workout. (Shipping and VAT calculated at checkout)
Size:  8oz
Colour:  Blue
Designed for boxing training. Comfortable and stylish shorts! Read more
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14oz foam filled polyurethane boxing gloves with secure wrist fit&#44 a perfect birthday or Christmas gift for budding boxers. Ideal for working on punch bags&#44 mitts and striking shield. - Black - Polyurethane
Colour:  Black
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Heavy Duty Pro Head Gears Great Quality Extra Heavy Duty Stitching Laced Head Gear Black &åÊRed Will Last You a Long Time Mostly Used for Professional Boxers Great for Boxing
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The Pro Box Head Weight Harness is used with weight disks (not supplied) while doing certain exercises to strengthen the neck muscles.