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Authentic Prokick focus Pads, Curved boxing pads genuine leather. focus pads are an essential tool for Boxing/Kickboxing they allow you to practice punch combinations as well as kicks although a heavier Thai/kick pad would be advised if solely for kicks.
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The Blitz Blocker Pad is a soft foam baton that can be used by an instructor with a student or, by pairs of students blocking against one another. Designed to assist with training students to block, kick and punch without the risk of injury and ideal for allowing young students to perfect their defensive skills effectively and safely. 41cm long x 15cm diameter foam strike area with nylon cover. 18.5cm long x 4cm diameter plastic handle with foam covering for additional safety. Sold singularly.
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These Apollo pads are perfect for your boxing training. Great for cardio sessions and for adding variety to your workouts. Ideal for all skill-levels and are made from a durable leather material.
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Ergonomically fit to forearm of trainer Soft and flexible even in first fit Good for everyone, especially kids, amateurs and women Lightweight with soft pads on the head make this design great for a trainer to jab and hook Sold as singles
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Have great training sessions with this battle buddy. Gives a great reality feel with the human shape of the pad. Head shaped pad allows you to practice those head kicks without thinking of where your kick would land. Easy grip handles for pad holder Practice punches and kicks Heavy duty artificial leather and foam for intense sessions Very durable for any training 96 x 42 x 25cm DELIVERY CAN TAKE 2 - 4 WEEKS. PLEASE BEAR THIS IN MIND WHEN PURCHASING. PRICE INCLUDES DELIVERY
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Our Tigon Sports Curved Focus Pads are made from high quality rexion leather and are built to last.Product detailsNew easy grip technology enables the user to take powerful hits.A breathable inner lining with a domed palm pad to give better grip.Hook-and-loop wrist strap for secure fit.Filled with 'IMT' three layers of gel integrated thick Foam with air channelsExtremely lightweightComes in Pair
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