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With a unique and universal design the attachment can be fitted to the majority of heavy punch bags. The simple design means the velcro band can not only be used on most heavy bags but can also be adjusted to suit the requirements of children or adults. With 3 detachable arms the sleek piece of equipment is easy to assemble, simple to take off and compact to store. Constructed of a 7cm wide hard wearing velcro band which can be attached to most heavy punchbags, there are 3 points where the detachable arms can be added. The PUV arms are hard wearing material which can be slotted behind the velcro band and secured using a velcro strip. An elastic cover be placed over this to secure the arm.
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Punch Bag Chains Four separate strands of chain attached to one main swivel. Enables the target to hang and pivot evenly. Can hold up to 30KG.
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High-grade steel, partially varnished black Enables the free rotation of the punching bag Maximum load 45kg (depending on the ceiling type) Easy installation, screws included
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Ideal for suspending Leather Punchbags - Four strand chain set - Revolving S-hook attachment and swivel - Easily clipped onto Punchbag and Ceiling Fixture - Strong chain link assembly. Max loading 35kg
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AQF Heavy Duty 6 strand hanging chain is made from highest quality stainless steel which is chrome coated for extra life and all weather use. This chain is the ideal item for attaching your AQF punch bag or any other suitable punch bag to any ceiling hook or a wall bracket. It can hold upto 200kg and suitable to use at a gym or home. AQF Heavy Duty 6 strand  punch bag chain Chrome coated for all weather use and extra life Suitable to use at home or gym with a wall bracket or ceiling hook Comes with 360 angle movement swivel and Can hold upto 200kg Chain length from top to bottom is 23.5 inches.
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The Carbon Claw punch bag swivel reduces the tension put on punch bags' webbing straps which in turn will help prolong the lifetime of the straps and the bag itself. The sturdy swivel is for use with punch bags with webbing straps and will support up to 35kg (77lbs) of weight.
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