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Corky and anatomically contoured grip with good adhesion. ANTI-SHOCK system with adjustable suspension or switch to a stop. 3 pieces - 2 fold telescopic length adjustment Diameter of hole: 13-19 mm Neoprene strap with CLIP FIT system.
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Fantastic entry level trekking poles with a quick-locking system to secure the desired length. Nice and simple to use - even when wearing gloves! Designed and tested in Scotland these Italian made poles will be with you every step of the way. Made from 6013 aluminium alloy; the same lightweight alloy used in aircraft fuselage design. The Lever Locking System is very intuitive, simple and lightweight. Smaller than similar systems in the market it offers safe and secure tightness with minimum locking force. Its reduced dimensions keeps perfect balance on the pole during all aspects of trekking. Length: 69-144cm Alloy: 6013 Tip: Steel Grip: Single Density Sublimation Print 50mm Basket Weight: App. 230g each
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Season : ZZZ Discontinued Code : 6402021 Weight : 0KG Hover over an icon to view more ... Leki's Trail Trekking Poles aren't the most techy of options, however they carry out their intended use exceptionally well, promising years of reliable use. The bulk of the pole is made from a lightweight yet durable aluminium which ensures the optimum strength to weight ratio. Adjustment of the poles is carried out by Leki's simple SuperLock mechanism; simply twist the pole to loosen, adjust to the desired height and twist back to tighten. Contact points are always an aspect which you notice first, the more comfortable and higher the quality, the more likely you are to enjoy using the pole. Even on Leki's better value poles, the grips are shaped perfectly to fit your hands and are made of a durable yet grippy rubber with an included strap to keep the poles secure. Lightweight Durable Easy to adjust Internal locking system Aluminium build Carbide flextip
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Our View - Black Diamond Trail Sport 2 Trekking Poles : The Black Diamond Trail Sport 2 Trekking poles are an entry level, two-section pole with full adjustability thanks to its FlickLock adjustment. These poles provide excellent support and stability. Specifications - Black Diamond Trail Sport 2 Trekking Poles : Rubber grip with rib pattern to reduce vibration Rubber grip extension Vari-width nylon webbing strap with woven lining for increased comfort Two-section aluminum shaft Single FlickLock adjustability Replaceable basic tip with fixed, low-profile Trekking Baskets Weight Per Pair : 594 g (1 lb 5 oz) Usable Length : 100-140 cm 40-55 in) Collapsed Length : 80 cm (31.5 in)
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The Grivel Trail 3 Pole is a four-season pole made with the "The Knee" foldable system for quick and easy deployment and compact packing. The pole is split into three sections which bend, like a knee, and are secured in place by a metal slider, which also reinforces the joints to increase strength. It's a really easy to use system and enables you to pack the pole down to a very small size. The Trail Pro 3 features an aluminium 7075 shaft for the best strength-to-weight ratio and an EVA Foam Long Grip for the best comfort. Details: • 3-section pole with a new innovative foldable system ("The Knee") for quick deployment and compact packing. • Long Eva ergonomic Foam with symmetric shape for comfort and breathability. • Comes with winter and summer basket.
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The Folding Trekking Pole is the ultimate hiking companion when travelling. This practical pole folds with ease when not in use making it convenient to store in a bag or store in the car. Constructed from lightweight aluminium, the Folding Trekking Pole is durable and strong. It is height adjustable from 45-49" (115-125cm) and when folded measures 17" (43cm) in length. Fitted with a non-slip rubber ferrule, the Folding Trekking Pole weighs on 480g and is suitable for use on a range surfaces. The rubber ferrule itself can be removed when not needed to expose the spiked metal ferrule beneath.
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