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Organic Climbing are a small USA based climbing company committed to producing one off bouldering pads and chalk bags. Their standard chalk bag has a nice fluffy interior, robust design and quality feel. What really separates Organic Chalk Bags from the rest of the field is the design philosophy. Every bag is hand crafted in the USA, and they are all slightly different, so you will never bump into another climber with the same bag as you. e Design of the Small chalk bag is the same as the the Large one but yep you guessed it! It's smaller, perfect for people with smaller hands that dont need a big chalk bag. We have a wide range of different designs available. To help us select the best bag for you please tell us what you like in the 'comments' box when you place your order. You can tell us your favourite colours or describe your personality. We'll try and select a bag that fits!
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A simple and easy way of carrying your chalk bag. The belt is adjustable to fit all waist sizes and has a lightweight quick release plastic buckle. You can slide your chalk bag from side to side, or even round to the front if you are thrutching in a chimney. Features Adjustable nylon chalk bag belt Quick release buckle
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The classic La Sportiva chalk bag, perfect for bouldering, sport climbing and trad. Light and simple constructed of nylon outer, fleece inner, with drawcord closure, and approx. 11cm diameter round stay open aperture.
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You can’t go wrong with the Mojo Chalk Bag from Black Diamond. The traditional, no-frills chalk bag comes equipped with a drawstring closure and a webbing belt with a buckle and is great for both indoors and outdoors.
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A great looking chalk bag from Petzl. Nicely shaped and comes with a belt. Features a small zipped pocket, ideal for keys, phone or small easily lost items. Available in grey or an orangy red.
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Hornet chalk bag by Kong A bright and loud functional chalk bag Easy for you to chalk up with the wide opening top. Drawstring closure, keeps your chalk from spilling out. Elastic webbing for holding your brush. Stress FREE with HoldBreaker: Personalised customer service No nonsense return policy
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