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Description: - High-quality flat belt, sewing by machine, exquisite workmanship with high density. - Strong polyester webbing,5m long, 2cm wide, with high tensile strength and low coefficient of friction. - Advantage: non-stretchy and UV resistant and therefore useful for many outdoor applications. - Strength: 23KN(2300kg) - MULTI-USE: can be use for collars & leashes, belts, straps, hammocks, tents, cargo fastens, straps for life jackets/sleeping bags/backpacks,sports gear,climbing rope. Package Includes: 1 x Webbing
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Multi-purpose cord with added abrasion resistance due to an advanced braiding technique used by Edelweiss. Use it to make a bandolier for your gear, to renew the threads on your hexes, for prussik loops, and more. Cord is also useful to have as a very flexible way of constructing anchors (rather than using slings), and for forward-tensioning, re-directing, release hitches, etc. We stock accessory cord in various diameters & assorted colours and we sell it by the metre. With our 'hot knife', we can cut it to any length that you require and seal the ends properly. Larger diameter accessory cord (e.g. - 8 mm) conforms to the relevant UIAA and EN564 standards. 7 mm accessory cord is generally recommended as a reasonable size for prussik loops. A double fisherman's is usually recommended for knotting all loops securely. Colours may vary occasionally from those shown. Price is per metre. Edelweiss Ropes Accessory Cord 6mm Lime
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Long Lasting Black Elastic Bungee Cord Rope Shock Cord 1. Brand new, genuine shock cord. Two component construction with an extremely tough woven polypropylene or polyethylene outer sheath covering a strong natural rubber latex core. 2. The cord is light-weight, strong, wear-resistant and long lasting. Capable of stretching under load to about twice it’s untensioned length. 3. High strength at break Good UV resistance
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Kingfisher Shockguard - Dyneema Shock Cord This is a premium shockcord with a braided cover made from 100% black Dyneema® SK75 fibre, which provides ultimate abrasion resistance. The Dyneema® also has less friction than a conventional shockcord which provides a more even stretch, especially when used in purchase systems on racing dinghies.
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Transform shock cord for use in tying down, strapping down and securing.
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Specifications: - Weight: 2,4 g - Breaking load: 70dan (kg) - Material: Nylon - Conditioning: 120m/pack 10 m
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