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The Hummingbird Ice Axe from Blue Ice is a ski mountaineering axe that weighs in at a mere 212 grams! Designed for ski alpinism, epic steep skiing adventures or competitions, the Hummingbird is an exceptionally lightweight axe. Weighing all of 212g (45cm version), the Hummingbird has an aluminium shaft and a titanium head. Slimmed down but still brutally, tough and trustworthy enough to cut steps and balanced to swing into ice. The shaft is textured to give extra grip. The spike has a clip-in hole plugged with a nylon stopper to prevent snow from jamming up the shaft. The head is comfortable to hold in cane position on flatter terrain, and did we mention it has a titanium head!
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These winter traction cleats will go a long way towards keeping you on your feet this winter! Stretch-on traction footgear for ice and snow Takes only seconds to put on and take off Strong Performs Under -40℃. This crampons is easy on/off to fit boots These Ice Grippers significantly improve traction on ice & snow. High-quality rustproof spikes under the ball & heel of your foot provide excellent grip on slick surfaces. They stretch to fit easily over any type of shoe or boot. They are flexible and compact for easy carrying and storage. These are not however for technical climbing.
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The Hydra Leash from Blue Ice is a super light leash that can be used to secure ice tools to a climbing harness. The two elastic arms are attached to a base with a ball joint so that nothing twists or twirls. The carabiner gates snap shut quickly thanks to a strong spring tension.
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Petzl 's Ride Ice Axe provides a perfect balance between stability and low weight. Designed specifically to require the minimum amount of effort to carry with you when touring or freeriding through glacial terrain. The steel head has the same performance as a traditional ice axe head, and penetrates ice very well, while the ergonomic shape of the shaft makes for easy & comfortable handling. The pick is tapered to 3mm for better penetration in ice and the aluminium shaft is a compact 45cm designed to fit inside a pack for improved safety and discretion. Perfect for trips where every gram counts. - Reviewed by Ultralight Outdoor Gear Help and advice: Read reviews here: The Ride is an ultra-light and compact ice axe that can fit in just about every rucksack thanks to it's short 45cm length. Perfect for ski tours and freeriding. Petzl says: Ultra-light and very compact, the RIDE ice axe go's everywhere with you for ski touring or glacier travel, without weighing you down. Solid placements thanks to the all-steel head, a pick tapered to 3 mm and a bent shaft. You must be over 18 to purchase this item - Unisex - adult
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Grivel's Air Tech Evolution Ice Axe is a classic winter mountaineering axe that won't let you down on the hill. The super strong G- Shaft has a slight curve giving greater clearance when swinging the axe into ice and snow. The adze and pick are a single hot forged piece of steel which will take anything you can throw at it for years to come.There is a comfortable rubber grip on the base of the shaft which will be warmer than gripping metal and reduces the chance of you letting go. An all steel spike on the base of the shaft when plunging. The top of the axe is comfortable to hold.The ice axe comes with a wrist leash which for me is of limited appeal for a mountaineering axe as you need to swap the hand you are holding the axe with.- Reviewed by BasecampGear
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