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A 7-speed chain ideal for all types of bikes that run a 7-speed system. Inner plates are chamfered inner plates to reduce sprocket rub noise for super smooth ride in the city or country. - Grey - One size
Size:  One size
Colour:  Grey
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The Odyssey Bluebird Chain, as with most BMX part innovations Odyssey are usually behind them. Here's another one. Everybody wants to run a half link chain, because they are more customisable in length so you can set your wheel where you want it. However you only need one half link? Well thats exactly what Odyssey did, made a chain from trusted KMC 510 chain and placed one factory fitted half link on the end. -Chain Type: Full Link (One Half Link) -Chain Width: 1/8" -Colours: Black, Silver -Weight: 263g
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Shimano Chains Available in 6/7/8 Speed 9 Speed 10 Speed 11 Speed And Single Speed
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absoluteBLACK Chain Catcher is designed to eliminate the possibility of chain falling in towards the frame when shifting to the inner chainring on uneven road. Chain Catcher is a simple add-on component which improves the overall function of your drive train and protects your valuable frame from dropped chains. Especially recommended for Carbon frames.Our chain catcher has a conical tapered head, providing an excellent fit to braze on mounts that are integrated with frame. However with older frames you may use a clamp braze-on adapter. In such case please ensure that your adapter has a front face also conical (not flat).Unlike majority of chain catchers on the market, absoluteBLACK chain catcher can be precisely adjusted to ensure only minimal gap is left to the inner chainring for maximum security.Key Features:Adjustability: 6mm chainline adjustment provided on the slot for precise setup,Weight: 11.6g,Compatibility: All braze on frames and derailleurs.,Adjustability: 6mm chainline adjustment provided on the slot for precise setup,Material: CNC machined 7075 T6 / M5 stainless steel bolt,Finish: Type II anodizing. - Black
Colour:  Black
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Pros are the everyday testing ground for the chain fitted on all advanced RecordTM 11 and Super RecordTM 11 groups. Bike links and pins have been designed to adhere perfectly to gears and sprockets teeth providing maximum fluidity, reduced friction and improved chain life. FEATURES & BENEFITS: - ULTRA-LINKTM CHAIN LINK CONNECTING SYSTEM: High strength chain connection - greater safety and longer chain life. - ULTRA-LINKTM CHAIN LINKS: Designed to provide maximum performance to Campagnolo® transmissions: longer life for chainrings and sprockets, maximum efficiency in power transmission. - SPECIAL STEEL LINKS: Prolongs chain life, reduces chainrings and sprocket wear. - ANTIFRICTION NI-PTFETM TREATMENT: Reduces friction, smooth pedaling, quiet operation and efficiency -prolongs chain life. Specifications: - Weight: 2,10 gr.
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The main characteristics of the X11-SL DLC chain is 243g it's amongst the lightest chains in its class and, unlike others is coated in DLC (Diamond Like Coating) to reduce abrasive wear. Its surface hardness is higher than most coatings, this ensures its long-term functionality and higher wear resistance. - Black - one size
Size:  one size
Colour:  Black
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