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Very lightweight, non-slip and extremely stylish – the silicone grips by ESI Grips break with the usual mounting standard of modern lock-on grips and impress with high performance on the trail! The round Chunky foam silicone grips are the medium sized grips in ESI’s line up with a diameter of Ø 32 mm and offer great shock absorbency. They absorb vibrations and dampen bumps very well to relieve your hands and forearms on long distances and challenging descents. In spite of good shock absorbency, the ESI Chunky MTB grips deliver enough feedback from the ground. Details: • Round grip shape • No twisting • For good vibration and shock absorbency, as well as a good feedback • Extremely good grip (even in mud, moisture and rain) • Latex-free • May be cut down Tip: The Chunky Grips are the medium sized version of the round ESI grips (Ø 32 mm). If you prefer more grip thickness, you should go for the thick ESI Extra Chunky silicone grips (Ø 34 mm, product code: 2292089). If you prefer less grip thickness though, you should go for the thin ESI Racer's Edge grips (Ø 30 mm, product code: 2292110). Specs: • Material: silicone • Slip-on grips • Length: approx. 130 mm • Diameter: approx. 32 mm Ø (Chunky) • Weight: approx. 60 g Available in: • black • red • grey • white • green • blue • yellow • orange • aqua Please make your choice. In the box: • 1x pair of ESI Chunky handlebar grips • 1x pair of ESI bar plugs Mounting instructions: ESI silicone grips are slip on the bar. Please clean your handlebar for easy installation and fit the bar end plugs before slipping on the grips. Apply some rubbing alcohol (isopropyl) or any other appropriate agent (e.g. window cleaner) to the bar and the inside of the grip and slip it on with some pressure. Let the grips dry for 24 hours. ATTENTION: Colours may vary from screen to screen. The black of ESI Grips is a dark charcoal grey.
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absoluteBLACK Dual density, Dual Color Silicone grips incorporate a special grooved structure that greatly enhance grip level and comfort in difficult conditions even when riding with no gloves. When mounted on the handlebar they are 33mm in diameter which makes them a lot more comfortable compared to "plastic-insert/thin rubber lock-on grips" or thin silicone/foam grips. Grips come with special aluminium bar end plugs, that not only look better but also last a lot longer than plastic equivalents. Our special material will outlast any ordinary silicone grips. Made in EU.Key Features:Size (Weight): 130mm long, 33mm diameter when mounted, 70g,Material: Grips: Dual density 100% Silicone, Bar plugs: cnc machined 7075 Txxx Aluminum.,Compatibility: All Carbon and Aluminium handlebars.,Box contents: 2x silicone grips, 2x aluminium bar plugs, 4x additional o-rings for the bar plugs..Wear ResistanceOur special silicone material is much denser than any other offered on the market, hence the wear rate is much smaller. Typically, other regular 32/33mm diameter silicone grips weight about 52g and are known to wear out quickly. Our 33mm diameter grips weigh 70g. That simply means they will outlast any other "silicone grips" you’ve used before which ultimately becomes more economical to your wallet. Our dual density material also offers extraordinary hand comfort. - Black
Colour:  Black
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The DMR Sect grip is the perfect Dirt jump/Park grip. We took the classic mushroom design and added a thumb patch where previous mushroom grips wear-out first. We also took out the bulge at the end. This is so you can catch the bars right at the end of the grip and still finish the line.Wanna use metal barplugs? Cut off the end!
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DESCRIPTION The ultra-thin tapered core allows us to add more rubber for unrivalled vibration reduction on a 30mm grip. Our test riders found 30mm to be the optimum thickness ‘Not too thick and not too thin’. The Bartender Grip is clamped securely by a 7075 Aluminium collar and stainless steel bolt. The tightly tapered core has allowed us to do away with the uncomfortable outer lock on. This eases the pressure across the palm through the median and ulnar nerve. Hand pain on long Alpine descents becomes a thing of the past allowing throwing of the horns more easily with your Bro’s. The Bartender, the Jagermeister of grips. No fuss rubber, lock on and rock out. The combination of a tacky rubber compound and the knurled pattern offers the bench mark in traction and durability. Dirt 100 2018 “THERE’S NOTHING HERE TO POKE HOLES IN, JUST A SOLID, SIMPLE DESIGN” Weight 90g Single lock on Tacky rubber Low profile design 30mm Diameter
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BBB Foam Grip > Foam grips > Shock and vibration damping abilities > Two end caps > Soft foam construction > 130mm length > BBB branding - 130mm - Unisex - Adult
Size:  130mm
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Perfect for dirt jump and park riding, DMR have taken the classic mushroom design and added a thumb patch where previous mushroom grips wear-out first to create the Sect grip, available in various vibrant colours. Incredibly durable and featuring a soft flange, DMR have also removed the bulge at the end of the grip, allowing you to catch the bars right at the end of the Sect Grip and still finish the line.
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