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Ring Lightweight seat clamp made of CNC machined aluminium. Bolt with 4mm Allen key socket. Diameter: 31.8mm, 34.9mm. Weight: 18g / 0.63oz. (31.8mm), 20g / 0.71oz. (34.9mm). If you have any other questions or queries please feel free to call us on: 01452 690641. Or you can come in and enjoy a cuppa and a cake! Slam69 Ltd Unit 2 Pegasus Centre, Gloucester Business Park, Gloucester, GL3 4FF (Sat Nav: GL3 4EE) Slam69 - More than just a bike shop
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{"currency":"GBP","merchant_key":"","prices":[[1566518400000,9],[1574380800000,8],[1582141836509,8]],"product_title":"Dartmoor Ring Seat Clamp"}
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Sixpack’s Menace seat clamp allows you to pimp your bike. The lightweight aluminium saddle clamp comes with a quick release for easy saddle height adjustments. The clamp blends in well with the design of the Menace Series by Sixpack, so that you can coordinate your bike down to the last detail. Details: • Seat clamp with quick release lever Specs: • Material: aluminium 6061-T6 • Diameter: 31.8 mm • Weight: approx. 40 g In the box: • 1x Sixpack Kamikaze saddle clamp
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Firm fit and reliable parts are everything. The seat clamp from Salt will ensure your BMX seat to stay in place where you want it. Fits 25.4mm seat post frames. Features: Material: 60610 T6 alloy, cnc finish Simple slim one bolt seat clamp
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{"currency":"GBP","merchant_key":"","prices":[[1566259200000,8.52],[1566950400000,8.5],[1567468800000,8.51],[1569369600000,8.5],[1569456000000,8.49],[1570492800000,8.64],[1570752000000,8.54],[1571184000000,8.53],[1571356800000,8.5],[1571702400000,8.45],[1572307200000,8.43],[1572480000000,8.26],[1573689600000,8.37],[1573776000000,8.25],[1573862400000,7.44],[1574208000000,7.46],[1574553600000,7.51],[1575244800000,7.54],[1576540800000,7.61],[1576800000000,8.4],[1577145600000,8.45],[1578096000000,7.87],[1578441600000,7.91],[1578960000000,7.93],[1579046400000,7.94],[1579651200000,7.98],[1580256000000,8.43],[1580428800000,7.96],[1580515200000,8.43],[1581638400000,8.46],[1582141836516,8.46]],"product_title":"SALT \"Am Seat Clamp Black"}
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The M:Part Seat Clamp 31.8 is a replacement seat clamp with a boss on the rear for attaching cycle racks. Ideally for bikes without rack mounts and smaller bikes. Matt black with stainless steel hardware. - Sporting Goods > Outdoor Recreation > Cycling > Bicycle Parts > Bicycle Seatpost Clamps - 31.8mm - Unisex
Size:  31.8mm
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The six pack Menace QR saddle clamp with quick release made of 6061-T6 aluminium is the perfect finish for your bike. Show all models from the Sixpack Menace series
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XLC offers a wide range of excellent bicycle parts and accessories for every bike, area of use and for every type of rider. As a relatively new international cycling brand, XLC is owned by the Accell Group and has been under the management of the highly experienced Winora Group since 2005. XLC products benefit over from 100 years bicycle manufacturing expertise and are thoroughly tested in everyday uses before they are allowed to let biker's hearts beat faster. XLC parts and accessories stand for functionality, fashion, comfort and technology. They are perfectly matched to their respective area of use and offer outstanding design, best quality and always are very good value for money. There are four product levels to choose from. XLC is the basic line for active bikers, who appreciate appealing designs, comfort and durability. There is a wide assortment of bicycle parts and accessories for all purposes of cycling. XLC COMP offers excellent design and high quality. This range of sportive components and accessories allows you to give your bike an individual touch. All XLC COMP bike parts carry the lasered XLC COMP Logo and by using double-butted 6061 aluminium on some products in this range we have set the bar very high. XLC PRO is a line of cycling components which is placed at the top of the assortment: good enough for pros? For sure! XLC PRO components are parts suited to every demand but at a price which leaves a financial margin for further dreams. For XLC PRO components we use the same manufacturing technologies and materials as for XLC PRO SL. The complex polychrome thermo transfer patterns underline the high quality of this line. If your requirement is for the highest technology for the road or for cross country mountain bike and marathon use then XLC PRO SL are the right components for your race bike! The XLC PRO SL cycling parts are made with precision from high-quality aluminium alloys 7075 or 2014 T6
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