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Discraft is the most accepted disc for Ultimate Frisbee Teamsport, but also standard in leisuretime sport, because the discs flies easily stable over a long distance. It makes fun throwing it with different techniques like forehand, backhand and overhead.
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Club Tax Disc Holder The Club Tax Disc Holder is a perfect way to show your support for your favourite football team, featuring the club crest to the back along with a simple stick design that allows it to be easily placed in your windscreen. > Tax disc holder > Simple stick design > Club crest to the back For our full range of All visit SportsDirect Product code: 845978
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{Info} The Discraft Ultra-Star UV Colour Change, as the name suggests, changes to an eye catching purple colour when it's exposed to sunlight, so the longer you play the more colourful it gets. Product Features Official disc of the USA Ultimate Championship Series Changes colour when exposed to UV light World standard for the sport of Ultimate Aerodynamic engineering gives smooth and stable flight Contoured grip for easy throwing and catching Weight: 175gm Diameter: 270mm
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Model for playing Ultimate. Shape and weight suited for ultimate frisbee.Excellent grip thanks to the ridges. Very good flight quality. Diameter: 27 cm - 175 g. Read more
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The Pocket Disc is a 100% Cotton, Handmade, colorful disc that is perfect for spontaneous play indoors or out. Great for camping, tailgaiting, at the pool/beach... tuck it in your pocket and you are set! Pick up a Pocket Disc and it is pretty obvious that it can be used for just about anything. Here are a couple of games Pocket Disc recommends, but the best part is: you can make up all the games you want! Easily sails across a room. Families with young children have found that the Phd Pocket Disc was much easier and more comfortable to catch than regulard discs...because a child can grab at the Pocket Disc without worrying about striking his hand on a hard surface. While a Pocket Disc sails across a room by catching air under its lip, when your child catches it, the Pocket Disc will collapse gently into his hand. A great choice for its portability, the Pocket Disc can easily be balled up and stuffed into a pocket, purse, or diaper bag. Fair-trade made Phd Pocket Discs are made by Mayans of Guatemala who have been weaving and crocheting bright patterns for centuries. Each village specializes in a few patterns; the patterns of a village are passed down through generations. Phd Pocket Discs utilize that indigenous skill, and in return for the amazing artistry of these women, they are paid a fair wage and work under good conditions. The money they make crocheting the brilliantly colorful Phd Pocket Discs helps keeps them out of poverty in a country in which 56% of people now live below the poverty level. Colors may vary slightly from pictured item. Please contact us for more specific color requests. Exact style may vary slightly from pictured item.
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