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Genuine leather paddle, Handle 1.5 Inches x 5.5 Inches, Paddle 2.3 Inches x 12 Inches.
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Slam Action – Zinc Plated Paddle Handle Sets – slam ZPS. Slam action paddle handle complete with centre control, slam bolts x 2, eye bolts x 2 , pal nuts x 2. Cable lengths supplied 515mm x 2
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Flat moulded paddle with adjustable elastic tubing and finger grip. Assorted colours as available.
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Designed and Flown by Multi-Time World Champion Curtis Youngblood. These paddles provide aggressive response but still fly very stable in fast forward flight. *Make sure to set cyclics at maximum throws, and the highest flybar ratio for best performance. Also paddles fly best at a higher RPM. These paddles come with a set of flybar weights and an allen key Perfect match for the Synergy helicopter
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High performance. Constructed with high performance 3K carbon fibre cloth (referring to the number of thousand fibres per bundle) this is a paddle for more powerful riders demanding greater stiffness and lighter weight for aggressive riding styles. Wether you are putting down the power, moving positions fast or even want a durable paddle that is super lightweight the 3K paddle won't disappoint.
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Cutting Edge Paddle Stix or Rattle Paddles create a pervasive 'rattle' sound through plastic ball bearings within the paddle. The golf club grip provides improved operator handling and the reinforced paddle head allows for maximum durability.
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