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500 x .50 Cal Assorted Coloured Paintballs Compatible with all .50 Calibre Paintball Guns and Blow Tubes Non-Toxic and Water soluble, Biodegradable and environmentally safe Supplied in clear tub with screw on lid Sku : green-paint
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This adapter will allow you to connect a standard CO2 regulator (with DIN477 / JIS m22-14 / W21.8-14 / .860" x 1/14 nut - covers UK, Europe and Asia) to a Paintball CGA 320 cylinder. Quick and easy installation. Paintball cylinders (and CO2 refills) are readily available from paintball centres country-wide, ensuring a supply of CO2 is always easy to obtain. To use the adapter, ensure the adapter's valve pin is full retracted by turning the adjuster knob anti-clockwise, then screw the adapter onto the Paintball cylinder and tighten as much a possible by hand. Then attach your regulator to the adapter using an appropriate wrench or spanner. Then turn the release valve of the adapter to start the flow of gas.Instructions Attach your regulator to the adapter using an appropriate wrench or spanner. Holding the Paintball cylinder firmly with one hand, tighten the adapter/regulator to the cylinder using a wrench or spanner. The pin inside the adapter will depress the valve on the Paintball cylinder to open the flow of gas. Continue to tighten the adapter to the cylinder until the cylinder slips in your hand. Click here to read the full Paintball CGA 320 Adapter setup guide
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You’re never too old to play soldiers. Experience information... Prepare for team tactics to be put to the ultimate test with an action packed day of paintball. Armed with semi-automatic paintball guns and fully protective camo gear&#44 the aim of the game is to avoid fire from opponents and claim victory! With over 40 locations across the UK&#44 there’s plenty of choice when it comes to choosing the perfect battle ground. Each participant will receive 100 paintball pellets&#44 additional paintballs can be purchased on the day. A snack is also included at selected locations. AVAILABILITY: This experience is available throughout the year. The experience can last all day. RESTRICTIONS: Minimum age 12&#44 *County Antrim and Lincolnshire is 16 and Norfolk 18. Further paintballs will need to be purchased at the venue for a full day’s paintballing.
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Durable nylon construction Reinforced padded knees Squeegee pockets on both legs Oversize cargo pockets on both legs Adjustable built-in belt system Velcro adjustment straps on cuffs
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What's Included • Welcome, introduction and safety briefing• 10-12 action packed games with different scenarios• 100 paintballs per person• Paintball days last around 7 hours with a break for lunchAll equipment is provided including:• Full Head anti-mist goggle system• Body armour, full protection back and front• Ninja suit with high padded collar to fully protect the neck• Latest USA spec rapid-fire semi-automatic machine guns• Unlimited gas propellant
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Clear lens glasses designed especially to provide perfect view during paintball or airsoft games Sophisticated ventilation system prevents fogging of the glasses Thermo-transparent panel made of best material A perfect fusion of form and function Recommended by professionals Manufacturer: Mil-Tec
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