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Head Graphene 360 Extreme S Tennis Racket FREE premium stringing upgrade worth £30! Choose from Babolat RPM Blast, Solinco Tour Bite, Tecnifibre Synthetic gut, or Hybrid! Offering the same extreme level of spin and power, the S model weighs 280 grams making it easier to manoeuvre. The long-running Extreme range from HEAD has enabled players like Richard Gasquet to take spin and power to the next level. The latest update features new Graphene 360 technology to enhance the stability of the frame and optimise energy transfer from the racket to the ball. It results in exceptional power when also considering others specs of this racket. The added spin from the Graphene 360 Extreme S tennis racket ensures your shots don't go out, despite its power. It achieves this using the unique spin grommets that allow for string movement and a powerful snap-back effect. Further enhancing the spin potential is the 16x19 string pattern so players who like taking big rips at the ball can experience incredible amounts of ball rotation. The range now comes in an updated cosmetic featuring a minimalistic colourblock design philosophy. With the grommet strips and bumper also coloured in neon yellow, the racket manages to pull of a sleek timeless look. Graphene 360 Introducing Graphene 360; the latest racket technology from HEAD. Graphene 360 offers players two key upgrades over the previous Graphene Touch technology. Firstly, Graphene 360 rackets use graphene rings in the head to produce less twist in the racket head. This produces a better energy transfer from your swing to the ball, resulting in the racket effectively giving you more power and more control while asking nothing extra from you. Graphene 360 rackets also use counter-balancing technology in the racket shaft. By using graphene in the shaft as a counter-weight, players will experience better maneouvrability from Graphene 360 rackets in comparison to Graphene Touch and Graphene XT. Together, these two advantages result in much greater stability when on the court, and allows you to improve your game in an instant. Specifications Strung or Unstrung? Strung in HEAD Lynx 17 Weight Unstrung (+/- 5g) 280 Head Size in Sq. in 100 Beam Width 23/26/21 mm Balance (+/- 5mm) 335 mm (Head Light) String Pattern 16x19 Length 27 Stringing Tension Range 52-62 lbs Composition Graphite, Graphene 360
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Official Ball of the ATP World Tour and the Barclays ATP World Tour Finals in London. The iconic HEAD ATP Ball now comes with additional and unrivalled durability. The Flagship of HEAD’s tournament balls with new Encore technology and SmartOpik felt for greater visibility.
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CLASSIC & PRACTICAL. Warm-up, cool-down or wear them for comfort, the Club Pants are perfect for anything. They are super comfortable thanks to their material mix and elastic waistband. While the classic cut allows you to keep on your shorts or a skirt underneath, the leg hem zippers make sure you can slip in and out without taking your shoes off. Highlights: Elasticated waistband with drawcord adjustment Drawcord with enamel tip end Slip in pockets Leg hem zipper
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This Prince React Tennis Racket is a 16 x 19 string adult's standard tennis racket suitable for beginning to learn tennis and for just batting around with friends and family. > Tennis Racket > Senior (adult) sizing > 16 x 19 string pattern > Grip wrappings
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Head Championship Tennis Balls: A pressurised championship ball featuring top quality seams and high density felt These balls are mid-grade, durable and are suitable for coaching and club play on any surface
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Ideal for older players who need a more powerful and more forgiving racket. Premier 110 The Premier franchise is the choice for players with shorter and slower swings. The combination of TeXtreme and O3 technologies results in the largest sweet spot ever. With extreme amounts of power and comfort, the Premier racquets almost feel like cheating. Specifications Head Size: 110in 2 /710cm 2 Weight: 265g/9.3oz Unstrung Balance: 34.5cm/13.6in- 1 Pts. Head Light Swing Weight: 290 String Pattern: 16 X 19 Cross Section: 25-28-25mm Length: 27.25in/69.8cm Composition: 100% Graphite/TeXtreme Tension: 58 +/- 5lbs / 26 +/- 2kg Available Grip 1-4 Grip: Resisoft String: Premier Touch 16
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