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Airush DNA 2017 is designed for beginners to advanced riders looking for a performance kite that is extremely good value. The DNA boasts a super easy set up, is extremely predictable and has instant relaunch with all the safety systems found in the entire Airush range. This kite is essential to first time riders. Not only predictable, the DNA takes the platform from the award winning Lithium to guarantee that this kite has the ability to grow with your progression from the very beginning to end. Freeride, Jumping and Wave Riding are all found in the DNA. - Huge windrange, - Total stability, - Near total depower, - Easiest kite in the industry to water re-start - Responsive without being aggressive
Size:  9m
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Take a look at the new 2020 Tona Flow 2.0 Kitesurfing Board at S2AS! This board is Smooth, a joy to carve and soft on the landings. Inspired by his love of surfing, Dre wanted something that's really fluid in turns while still maintaining the pop and edge control you need for performing po - Blue - 136CM - Male - adult
Size:  136CM
Colour:  Blue
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Sizes: 6m, 9m, 11m, 13m, Kite with confidence. All conditions, all the time. RIDER PROFILE BEGINNER / INTERMEDIATE TO ADVANCED RIDERS: Newly introduced kite boarders looking for plug and play convenience while aspiring for stable sessions in the largest variety of conditions. PACKAGE Z Kite, Z Bar, Lines and Backpack Stable and predictable in virtually all conditions. Originally designed for new kiters, The Z has quickly gained a reputation for huge boosts with good control and effortless relaunch. The Z kite is loaded with the latest innovative features. However, it’s most important feature is the “plug and play” usability you will experience everyday. This includes features like our industry first pully-less bridle that delivers a direct feel, enhanced responsiveness, and unmatched upwind performance. Additional unique features like our Spherical-C Profile and Axis Wing Tip allow the kite to easily roll up off the water into relaunch. Like our other kites, the Z has been optimized for maximum range to suit all kinds of riding conditions Slingshot Z Bar FREERIDE Sizes: 17” x 20m / 20” x 23m Kite with confidence. The Z-Control Bar is designed to work exclusively with the Z kite. The Z-Control Bar offers ‘plug and play’ simplicity with a clean uncluttered control system that is easy use day in and day out. Highlight features such as the Simple Safety System, Auto Indexing Chicken Loop, and industry standard Push Away Center Safety Release make the Z-Control Bar the number one choice of riders newly introduced to kiteboarding. RIDER PROFILE: ALL LEVELS / ALL ABILITIES: Ideal for riders focused on the highest safety standards with ‘plug and play’ convenience FEATURES: PUSH AWAY QUICK RELEASE SYSTEM Industry Standard release system. TRIM GROMMET Allows for smoother trimming and prevents jamming. SIMPLE SAFETY SYSTEM Clean and simple safety, quick and easy safety reboot, deflags and depowers the kite from one center line. 500 lb. lines. BELOW THE BAR TRIM Below the bar safety. AUTO INDEXING CHICKEN LOOP Super stream lined, minimalist and dynamically rigid when unhooked for easy reengagement. 4 –LINE CONFIGURATION Fewer lines to negotiate PERFORMANCE MOTO GRIP Comfort with precision control DUAL OH-SHIT HANDLES Redundant safety system allows steering line flaging. MICRO CLAM CLEAT Smooth and effortless trim adjustment SURE GRIP LEADER LINES Easy on the hands and aids in relaunch. SLINGSHOT LEGENDARY CONSTRUCTION Premium materials, innovative design and constant testing to ensure long lasting durability and performance. Measuring up to unsurpassed quality.
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Nobile 50 Fifty 2019 Kitesurfing BoardART OF WAKESTYLESTYLE: wakestyleMAIN FEATURES:turbo popextreme tractionsuitable for pro-ridersFLEX (1-10): 9ROCKER LINE: Hydrodynamic FEATURES:Multichannel system guarantees stability in any situation.Carbon power belt keeps the rocker line during hard landings.Compatible with wakeboard bindings.Rocker line is perfect for all water conditions. Sizes:126 X 38 cm130 X 38.5 cm134 x 39 cm138 x 39.5 cm140 x 42 cm THERE IS NO SUBSTITUTE FOR KITEBOARDING EXPERIENCE. NOBILE PRO RIDER’S FIRST CHOICE This is a truly exceptional board and one of the best in Nobile’s history. It simply has no substitute, and other boards are just unable to compete with the 50/Fifty. It has been created for extreme freestyle riding and is botheasy to control and very dependable during landings. With the 50/Fifty we have achieved what our riders (who worked on the board’s construction together with the Nobile engineers) really cared and waited for: the perfect grip during carves and tricks, coupled with massive pop, comfort and safety during landing. It is all possible thanks to the best and latest Nobile technologies. The Multichannel bottom and HydrodynamicRocker ensure perfect control during carves and turns at the highest speed, as well as enabling the use of smaller fins, thus increasing the freestyle abilities of the board. As the rider’s safety is Nobile’s priority, we have also adjusted the flex engineering to take into account those riding in boots. Using the perfectly engineered construction, and carbon fibre s in the upper part of the board between the bindings, this ensures that the board’s tips always stay on the surface. This increases the chances of landing even after the most difficult tricks, while you don’t have to worry about your joints. In this board we have used Pre-Stress technology, which exploits the extra properties of the wood. While others just use the geometrical features of a multichannel bottom, Nobile achieve a totally different technological level. Pre-Stress lets us create a thinner, lighter board, while strengthening its construction to the maximum at the same time. Increased torsion resistance and additional accumulation of energy inside the core help the board’s upwind ability significantly and give it an unbelievable, unique pop. The board is equipped with two sets of inserts – for boots and straps riding which allows you to set up the centre of gravity on the board perfectly. For whom? For advanced riders looking for a wakestyle, freestyle and newschool board. Specially designed for ripping in boots and straps.Supplied with a handle and one set of 40mm G10 construction fins. Optional Nobile Click'N'Go IFS Foot Straps Set available. Nobile Click 'N' Go IFS Footstrap SetNew IFS is the next step forward in Nobile. Built of the light EVA foam, they’re not only light and don’t absorb water, but they are also comfortable and user-friendly. Their major advantage is the comfort and the ability to adapt to any foot shape.An ergonomic shape has been re-designed – the pad surface is the reflection of the human foot and combined with flexible plastic material it ensures even better foot grip during the ride, which gives you the solid control over the board. In addition, the platform at the toes improves control over the board and precision in transferring the body movement to the board.3 stripes in straps enable free shaping their geometry, in order to fit the user’s foot perfectly. In addition, by changing their setting in three different positions, you can adjust them to any foot size. Especially designed straps firmly hold the foot in the pad without any uncontrolled movements, while additional pads on the edges improve the comfort in most delicate foot parts. Another layer was added in the toe area, in order to press the toes to the pad surface. Eco-leather guarantees the quality and solidity of the product, the neoprene inside improves the comfort, while the wide Velcro-fastened buckle makes the whole fastening solid and reliable. The strap itself is fastened inwards, which was proved by the ergonomics tests – it is also less prone to accidental catching in by the kite lines.The pad base made of solid plastic has 4 installation holes which allow to change the angle of attaching them to the board, according to user preferences. The KITE, SURF & SUP Co. Office5 Kingston House56a Gardner RoadPortsladeBN41 1AREmail: christine@thekitesurfandsup.coPhone: 01273 410580 AboutKITE LESSON VOUCHERSKiTE LESSONSREVIEWSBOOK Newsletter
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A fast board that will go upwind and be fun for you while you develop your skills and tricks An all condition kiteboard from Slingshot with good pop and grip into the water. Slingshot Refraction 2020 Kiteboard New fins shape will give you more grip The strong Ballistic Base will be more durable for a rough life New rockerline with less rocker will give you more speed and go upwind much better
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Shinn Jackson Sunburner - strapless surf and foil A kiteboarding phenomenon, which has put a smile on the face of many a kiteboarder in the last few of years. Shinn have added to it’s unique performance and ease of use by adapting it to optional foil use. By taking advantage of the innovative foil plate they have maintained the shape and flex from the much loved original thus retaining the soft ride and intuitive feel. However the addition of inserts means strapping it up and bolting the foil on is merely moments away, opening up a whole new dimension in light wind, flying fun. Make your choice from fins only for conventional riding or enjoy the full package with straps, surf pads, foil and plate for the open minded. Wax it, pad it, fin it or foil it – the Shinnster oozes style but only you can decide which one on which day. Features: • Strapped, Strapless or Foil use • Highly evolved flex pattern for ease of use • 1, 2 or 3 strap possibiltiies • Full wood core and adapted for Foil Plate use • Choice of Conventional or Foiling package • Made in Europe • 2 Year Warranty on all parts Size: 160 x 46
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