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Create a variety of exciting environments within the classroom The versatile design provides open and easy access; the bottom tub comes with two different plugs one with ventilation holes and one for use with water Ideas for design include; an all herb garden, butterfly/insect house or even a mini pond., Manufacturer: Cicada
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100% cotton, washable at 30 degree Celsius CE certified Recommended for 3 years and above age child, Recommended age group: 3 years and up, Manufacturer: Nathan
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Instructions: 1. BE careful when opening the Big, Tall monarch butterfly cages- after you slip off the elastic strap from around the circle, the cage can pop open unexpectedly so make sure you have plenty of space and no breakable objects close by. 2. After opening your cage, the PVC side will be creased from folding. Get the creases out quickly by blow drying the PVC with a hair dryer for about 5 minutes, or place PVC toward warm sun to relax wrinkles. 3. Always close the cage door so the zippers meet at the TOP CENTER. If a caterpillar is somewhere on the zipper, this will allow you to zip down the other side to open. 4. Clean the cage after a disease outbreak or at season's end by soaking it in a 5% bleach solution (19 parts water to 1 part bleach) for about 20 minutes. The cage can be soaked in a tub or laundry tub. 5. Rinse your cage with water and then let it sun dry- hang it on a clothesline or put a rock on the floor so it won't blow away 6. When folding the cage for storage, place your hands on opposite upper corners of the cage and press one corner in to fold the cage flat. Click "ADD TO CART" to get yours NOW!
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See ants dig real underground sand tunnels and secret chambers with this live ant habitat designed to imitate a real ant hill. It features double sided viewing, a wide "no tip" base and escape proof locking lid. Comes with sand and sand rod to help get tunnels started, plus a certificate redeemable for a supply of approximately 25 ants by post. Size: 15cm high. Ant Hill Habitat
Young nature lovers can get up close and personal with snails, woodlice, beetles and more with this DIY bug habitat. Have fun creating your own unique habitat and discovering the behaviour of bugs! Kit includes: Bug catcher, habitat tank, lid with air holes, chippings, and instructions Habitat tank measures: 12cm (width) x 19.5cm (length) x 9cm (height) Suitable for ages 8+ Material: Card, Plastic, Sand Dimensions: Length: 20 cm Height: 9 cm Width: 12 cm Product Code: 28554 Tags: Just Arrived Make and Build Kits Gift Ideas for Children Nature Trail Read more
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Plasticant Mobilo 451 - Construction Manuals The 16 building suggestions make it easier for small engineers to get to know mobilo Offer older kids plenty of challenges Detailed construction image on the back. Sturdy cardboard, printed on both sides, 21 x 15 cm., Manufacturer: Plasticant Mobilo
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