Business Terms & Conditions

The following Conditions set out the terms and conditions applying to provision of Business Information by a Business to Pricesearcher, the publication and promotion of such Business Information through the Website and the use of the Business Information by Pricesearcher.

Schedule – The Services

The Website offers a business-to-consumer search engine for goods and services, providing the Business with the opportunity to promote its Products directly to visitors to the Website, who may or may not go on to purchase such Products directly from the Business via the Business’s own website.

The Website allows consumers to perform searches for the products they are looking for, to save their favourite products within their browsing session, and to click out of the Website to the website of their chosen retailer when they decide to make a purchase.

Pricesearcher is not a party to the contract of sale in respect of the Products, which is a private contractual matter between Business and Buyer, and which takes place on the Business’s website.

The search engine platform will be managed by Pricesearcher.

Website profile

Pricesearcher shall take such steps as it considers appropriate in its sole discretion to enhance search engine optimisation of the Website to increase its online visibility.

Pricesearcher will not own or have possession of the Products at any point in the sale process.