Lead UI Designer

We are looking for a lead UI designer to bring our mission to life.

You will be delivering a new innovative mobile experience on phenomenal tech for your first project.

  1. We are building something new and we need you to design it.
  2. You want to be proud of designing something that millions will use over and over again.
  3. We need someone to rise to the challenge and own it end to end.
  4. Show you’ve got the grit to push through and produce epic work
  5. You’ll work closely with the founding team right from the beginning.
  6. This is a truly unique opportunity for the right person to make their mark on the world.
  7. Dieter Rams, Rules 1 to 10.
  8. Never compromise or play it safe. Join us to take big risks and learn more about yourself.
  9. We need to start talking straight away. The hiring process is fast
  10. This is a big responsibility, so you need to be bold.

The Role includes…

You will be responsible for:

Using your amazing UI design skills you will help design a new native product search app that meets the needs of millions of customers whether it’s in-store or online, across their entire shopping search journey.

The new UI will also serve as the start of a consolidated design platform – we want to simplify customer journeys across all the different touchpoints in the business.

Reporting directly to the founder and working alongside senior members of the engineering team, you’ll also be moving quickly to get things in the hands of the consumer.

You’ll help bring others with you, imparting your expert knowledge of native app UI design and then you’ll need to recruit your own team within the year to help you deliver your mission.

A few more bits for you:

  • Owning and leading our identity as a world-class product search engine
  • Drive innovation, visual consistency and creativity across our business
  • Maintain a strong grip over the design process and deliver beautiful, intuitive interfaces
  • Partner with engineers to oversee the user experience of new features and products from conception
  • Seek out solutions to challenging problems
  • Design prototypes, conduct user-research to validate design decisions
  • Help define the product roadmap
  • Lead A/B testing and thinking

What we want you to motivated about:

  • You will not be bored, you will work on hard and challenging real-world problems
  • Ability to work on products that you can own outright
  • You will expand your knowledge on tech, systems, architecture and data processing
  • You will constantly be challenged and pushed to make possible what they said wasn’t
  • You will make mistakes – we want you to make as many possible.
  • New ideas are in the ceiling when you look up and out the window when you need to think.


  • Your experience matters but I don’t believe that your past experiences are a true qualification of what you are or want to be.
  • Let’s chat about your learnings and what you would like to achieve and why.
  • Your ability to deliver is what matters most so I’m looking at your experience to show me the story there.


  • Believe that you can do this
  • Understand that this is a start-up so we act like one – big dreams & big problems, we move fast!

Most important of all, own your design decisions and be able to communicate your vision… oh and of course add a little magic to the process too!

The Opportunity

Our data challenges keep us awake at night and take our thinking to the next level.

We approach our problems from all angles as a team and believe that failing is just as important to the process as succeeding.

You will work directly with the founding team who have been together for over 5 years. People from all walks of life who have joined from some of the biggest names in online, to work together on this mission.

Every member of the business is here to help support and share in your success!

Please get in touch directly sam@pricesearcher.com