Senior Front-End Developer (Javascript Specialist)

Job Category: Tech
Role: Senior Front-End Developer (Javascript Specialist)
Salary Range: £60-70k
Position Type: Full-Time
Location: London, Farringdon
Reporting To: Web Development Team Lead


As the Senior Front-End Developer you will be responsible for steering the client-side and server-side rendering architecture of our flagship digital product.

You will be experienced in writing efficient, maintainable, cross-browser JavaScript for high-quality websites, both vanilla and within frameworks, especially React.

You will be our Javascript/Typescript subject-matter expert, both for the browser (with the React framework) and for the server (with Node.js) you will review the work of other team members and mentor them in regard to front-end development techniques, strategies and best-practices.

You will work with the Front-End Development Lead to decide on engineering solutions and agree architectural approaches.

You will be able to hit the ground running in a fast-paced start-up with a considerable existing technology base, to identify significant areas for improvement without being dogmatic over technology choices, and will be able to introduce technology and practice changes into an existing organisation effectively and supportively.

You will be given the opportunity to own projects outright and are expected to take ownership for them. Pricesearcher is a fast-paced startup environment and we deliver and iterate on tech very quickly. As a key member of our engineering business you will be tackling challenges that make an impact across a huge vertical of businesses and users while surfacing data from billions of products across the world.


  • Advanced understanding of the feature-sets of the key Javascript versions, and of Typescript, and best-practices around using them
  • Significant experience in writing client-side Javascript for robust, fast and seamless web user experiences, both vanilla and using a framework
  • Experience of writing server-side template-driven rendering code using Node.js, preferably running on AWS Lambda
  • Advanced understanding of cross-device and cross-browser issues and solutions pertaining to Javascript
  • Advanced understanding of bundlers and build tools, as well as of shims and polyfills for older browsers
  • Deep familiarity with Javascript testing best-practices and approaches
  • Git-based CI/CD workflow


  • To deliver assigned Front-End development work items of all levels of complexity using optimal Javascript solutions
  • To work with the Front-End Lead to ensure fast, high-quality delivery of Front-End change requirements in regard to the flagship web product
  • To support the Front-End Lead in settings code quality standards, code review, architecture planning and 3rd-party toolset and library choices, especially in regard to Javascript and Typescript

Highly desirable/Bonus skills:

  • Detailed knowledge of HTML5 / CSS3
  • AWS Experience
  • Terraform Experience
  • Experience in implementing highly scalable and data driven websites
  • Experience in working with agile teams

Our challenges keep us awake at night and take our thinking to the next level. We give you the autonomy, trust and support to do your best work - but it won’t always be easy. We approach our problems from all angles as a team and believe that failing is just as important to the process as succeeding. You will work directly with the founding team who have been together for over 5 years. People from all walks of life who have joined from some of the biggest names in online, to work together on this mission. Every member of the business is here to help support and share in your success!

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