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The Telegraph

Five competitor analysis tools every marketer needs in 2020

Discover the competitor analysis tools you need to get the most out of your properties and campaigns this year. Read More >


This is Money

Is Amazon really cheapest? This new tool from a price comparison site that covers most items online could help you find out this Prime Day...

A new browser extension tool launched by price comparison website, Pricesearcher, could provide the help you need - and reveal if a product is cheaper elsewhere. The website compares millions of items to find the cheapest prices for almost everything on the internet, including scrawling through the entire Amazon index. Read More >

The Mirror

Tools and tricks that help you get money off EVERYTHING you buy online

As two new online money saving tools launch, we take you through the plugins, price trackers and more that mean you’ll never miss another bargain. Read More >


City am

Thank God it's Black Friday – why retailers need price transparency to make a success of the festive season.

During the early days of what quickly became known as the “retail apocalypse” back in 2010, a commentator or retailer would come out in the press and say that all the doom and gloom was overstated. The sector, they’d argue, was merely riding out a bumpy stretch of road, and would undoubtedly emerge on the other side, unscathed. Read More >

The Sun

PRICE YANK Brits paying up to DOUBLE what Americans shell out for the same Christmas gifts.

Researchers compared a variety of products are prices to find that 4 out of 5 items where cheaper to buy in America. Read More >

The Sun

BLACK LIE-DAY How to get the best Black Friday deals during £78.7bn sales bonanza.

Overall spending in the weeks leading up to Christmas Eve will soar including an 11.8 per cent jump in online spending. Read More >

City am

Google rival Pricesearcher among private firms to join stock exchange capital-raising scheme

Nine "ambitious" private companies, including a potential search engine rival to Google, have been selected to join the London Stock Exchange's capital-raising programme. Read More >

Search Engine Watch

Pricesearcher: The biggest search engine you’ve never heard of

Powerful though web search engines can be, they aren’t capable of delivering the same level of dedicated coverage within a particular industry that vertical search engines are. As a result, many vertical-specific search engines have become go-to destinations for finding a particular type of information – above and beyond even the all-powerful Google. Yet until recently, one major market remained unsearchable: prices. Read More >


The Independent

10 ways to have a cheaper Christmas Plan now and you can save a fortune on your Christmas spending, here’s how

10 ways to have a cheaper Christmas Plan now and you can save a fortune on your Christmas spending, here’s how. Read More >


UK startup takes on Google with 'first ever comprehensive, unbiased shopping search engine’

When most people go to buy a product online, they type it into Google, or a price comparison site, and assume the results will show them the best price for that item. But that’s not what actually happens, according to Sam Dean, founder of UK startup, Pricesearcher, who says he has developed the first ever truly unbiased and comprehensive shopping search platform. Read More >


Meet the company: Pricesearcher

Would you like more traffic to your website? Today we talk to Pricesearcher, a relatively new service which can give you just that. And what’s more Pricesearcher is free to use for both retailers and consumers. Pricesearcher believe retailers and sellers of all sizes should have a platform to display their products to the world, with zero barriers to entry. Read More >


Cranberry Panda

Digital Marketing Trends: The next big digital marketing channels for 2017

In development for over 4 years (PS) went live in 2016 and already has over 86m products listed globally. A recently completed 7 figure funding round is propelling their game changing new search engine onto the radar of brands, retailers and re-sellers alike. PS's mission is to provide access to the world’s prices across any vertical, product, good or service and with zero barriers to entry. Read More >