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Create high-quality labels for a variety of applications with compatible Brother P-Touch labels. These labels print with direct thermal print technology that eliminates the need for traditional ink or toner. The tapes are designed to last, resisting water and withstanding hot and cold conditions. Suitable for Brother P-Touch GL-100 GL-200 GL-200VP GL-H100 GL-H105 GL-H105VP RL-700S PT-11Q PT-18R PT-18RKT PT-200 PT-220 PT-300 PT-300B PT-310 PT-310B PT-320 PT-330 PT-340 PT-350 PT-520 PT-530 PT-540 PT-550 PT-580C PT-900 PT-900BTS PT-900F PT-1000 PT-1000P PT-1000BM PT-1000BTS PT-1005BTS PT-1005FB PT-1005F PT-1010 PT-1010B PT-1010NB PT-1010R PT-1010S PT-1080 PT-1080BTS PT-1090 PT-1090BK PT-1100 PT-1100SB PT-1100SBVP PT-1100ST PT-1120 PT-1130 PT-1160 PT-1170 PT-1170S PT-1180 PT-1190 PT-1200 PT-1230PC PT-1250 PT-1250S PT-1250VP PT-1250VPS PT-1260VP PT-1280 PT-1280CB PT-1280DT PT-1280SR PT-1280VP PT-128AF PT-1290 PT-1290BT PT-1290BT2 PT-1290DT PT-1290RS PT-1290SBVP PT-1290VP PT-1300 PT-1400 PT-1500 PT-1500PC PT-1600 1650 1700 1750 1750SC 1760 1800 1810 1830 1830C 1830SC 1830VP 1850 1850CC 1850VP 1880 1880C 1880SC 1880W 1890C 1890SC 1890W 1900 1900C 1910 1950 1950VP 1960 2030 2030AD 2030VP 2100 2100VP 2110 2200 2210 2300 2310 2400 2410 2420PC 2430PC 2450DX 2460 2470 2480 2500PC 2600 2610 2700 2700VP 2710 2730 2730VP PT-3600 4000 6100 7100 7100VP 7500 7500VP 7600 7600VP 9200PC 9200DX 9400 9500PC 9600 9700 9700PC 9800 9800PCN PT-D200 PT-D200BT PT-D200BW PT-D200DA PT-D200G PT-D200MA PT-D200SA PT-D200VP PT-D210 PT-D210VP PT-D400 PT-D400AD PT-D400VP PT-D450 PT-D450VP PT-D600 PT-D600VP PT-D800W PT-E100 PT-E100VP PT-E300 PT-E300VP PT-E500 PT-E550 PT-E550W PT-E550WVP PT-H100 PT-H100LB PT-H100R PT-H101 PT-H101C PT-H101GB PT-H101TB PT-H105 PT-H110 PT-H300 PT-H300LI PT-H500 PT-H500LI PT-H75 PT-P700 PT-P750W PT-P750WVP PT-P900W PT-P950NW ST-1150 ST-1150DX ST-5 Replaces: Brother P-Touch TZe131 TZ131 12 mm x 8 m Black Print on Transparent Label Tapes