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Purina Pro Plan Dog All Sizes Adult Performance with Optipower Chicken is perfect for active pups that love to romp and run. What it's for Your dog loves to run, chase, and play, and while it's very good for them to be active, it could cause problems too. Your best friend's joints and muscles have to take a lot of strain, and this is even more true if your pet is super active. If their joints aren't supported properly through a balanced diet, it could lead to mobility issues in later life. If your dog is having trouble getting up and down the stairs, for example, or perhaps walks or runs more awkwardly than usual, these could be signs of joint or muscle pain. Make sure to go straight to your vet for a checkup if you see any of these symptoms. Key benefits special Optipower blend, which includes a great balance of nutrients and fats essential for your pet's muscles. developed specifically for highly active dogs chicken pieces offer high-quality protein omega-3 fatty acids protect and strengthen the joints. How it works Dogs that are always active will need food that gives them loads of energy, but also a diet that supports their joints and muscles. The Optipower complex, which makes up Purina Pro Plan Dog All Sizes Adult Performance with Optipower Chicken, has been carefully mixed to provide your four-legged friend with just that. Omega-3, a fish oil, is very good for your pet's joints and muscles, while the chicken pieces give them loads of protein for energy. This protein is also important for repairing damaged muscles during playtime. Feeding your pooch this can help protect them from mobility trouble in later life, too. - pieces x 14kg
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