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ZANUSSI HELIOS FRIDGE DOOR BOTTLE SHELF Brand new, genuine replacement door shelf tray / bottle bar / condiment shelf for your Zanussi refrigerator. FITS MODELS ZANUSSI CL50SI, CL50SI, Z144T, Z15/4R, Z22, Z22/5SA, Z22/5W, Z25, Z25/4W, Z32/5SI, Z32/5W, Z35/4W, ZD15/4, ZD15/4R, ZD16/4A, ZD16/4A , ZD16/4O, ZD16/4R, ZD16/9R, ZD50, ZD50/17R, ZD50/17RAL, ZD50/17RN, ZD50/33R, ZEBF255SI, ZEBF255W, ZEL140W, ZER140W, ZETF180SI, ZETF180W, ZK53/37R, ZK5337R, ZK57/38R, ZKS57, ZKS57/38R, ZL25W, ZR25, ZR25/1W, ZR251W, ZR25IW, ZRB2530S, ZRB2530W, ZRB2531S, ZRB2531W, ZRD183W, ZRD1843, ZRD185W1, ZRD18JB, ZRD18JC, ZRD18S, ZRT18100WA, ZRT318W, ZRT418W, ZRT618W, ZRT618W1, ZT140, ZT140R, ZT141, ZT142, ZT144, ZT144R, ZT214, ZT214-1, ZT45/30, ZT4530, ZT51, ZT51/2R, ZT51RL, ZT52, ZT52/2R, ZT52R, ZT52RL Warranty & Returns Should your product(s) arrive damaged by the carrier or faulty, we will either replace or refund your item(s) free of charge for you. To obtain more information regarding this matter then please see our returns po - Silver