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Why Buy the True TUC-27F Freezer Prep Counter? True commercial refrigeration units are designed with enduring quality that protect your long term investment. The TUC-27F freezer prep counter is constructed using the highest quality materials and components to provide the user with colder product temperatures, lower utility costs, exceptional food safety and the best value in today’s food service marketplace. It is ideal for both frozen foods and ice cream. It's oversized, environmentally friendly (R134A) forced-air refrigeration system holds -23.3°C. This ensures the maximum and consistent preservation of the quality and freshness of your products. It has a mix of finishes with both aluminium and stainless steel that gives it a solid and highly durable frame suitable for daily use. This unit comes with a solid hinged door which gives you easy access to your stock. The door has a magnetic gasket that is easily removable for both maintenance and cleaning purposes. With an extra-large evaporator coil, the unit’s efficiency is increased thus allowing you to spend less on energy bills. This prep counter also comes with a high density, Ecomate polyurethane insulation with zero ozone depletion. It is built on 4 castors for easy and safe movement. Two of the castors are lockable to control the movement of the model. Additionally, this counter’s condensing unit can be accessed in the back of the cabinet for easy maintenance. The True TUC-27F freezer prep counter is supplied with a 60 months parts and labour warranty as standard. Key Features of the True TUC-27F Freezer Prep Counter Suitable for commercial use Under counter placement 1 Solid hinged door 305 mm recessed handle Sealed, cast iron, self-lubricating evaporator fan motor Larger fan blades give True under counter units Digital temperature display mounted in top edge of counter Temperature holds -23.3°C Epoxy coated evaporator NSF-7 compliant for open food product Factory engineered, self-contained, capillary tube system Oversized, factory balanced refrigeration system with guided airflow Extra-large evaporator coil balanced with higher horsepower compressor Large condenser to maintain cabinet temperatures Condensing unit access in back of cabinet, slides out for easy maintenance High density, Ecomate polyurethane insulation with zero ozone depletion potential (ODP) and zero global warming potential (GWP) Built on castors with 2 lockable Magnetic door gasket is removable 300 series stainless steel floor with coved corners Stainless steel doors with white aluminium liner Interior - attractive, NSF approved, white aluminium liner Exterior - stainless steel front, top and ends. Matching aluminium finished back Running Requirements and Specifications Dimensions (mm) H839 x W702 x D766 Capacity 215 litres 2 Heavy duty PVC coated wire shelves Environmentally friendly refrigerant R290 Electric 1.3A, 230V, cord length 2.13m, UK plug 1451kWh/annum Weight 87kg Warranty 60 Months parts and labour warranty included
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