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Our Explore (Biothane) Basic Leads are waterproof, mudproof and bacteria resistant but extremely durable! Featuring a lightweight but heavy duty metal clasp. We offer 2 choices of metal hardware - Black or Silver with the option to add a matching O Ring to the handle for an extra £1. A helpful extra to attach the poo bag dispenser to, or it enables you to clip the lead around your body or bag when not in use during your walk. Perfect for adventurous dogs that like to swim and roll in mud (and anything else they find), or those that just want to look awesome… if it gets grubby, just a quick rinse in fresh water will leave your lead looking like new. All our leads are 112cm / 44” in length (approx) including clasp. (Pictured: Teal lead with black hardware.) WIDTHS Skinny - 5/8 inch (approx 1.5cm) Standard - 3/4 inch (approx 2cm) Matching collar also available!
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