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Does your pooch suffer with itchy skin? Purina Pro Plan dog medium adult 7+ for sensitive skin with Optiderma rich in salmon dry food could be the answer to their woes. What it’s for This food is for dogs with sensitive skin and coats. If your furball scratches the same place over and over, or you spot red patches through their fur, it’s likely a sign of delicate skin. Just like us, what your pal eats affects their health. Some dog’s tummies find it tough to break down certain proteins, so their immune system turns on them – causing rashes, itching and discomfort on the outside. Purina Pro Plan dog medium adult 7+ for sensitive skin with Optiderma rich in salmon dry food can help. Salmon is a skin-friendly protein, while Optiderma is a special mix of nutrients and proteins that protects and nourishes your dog’s skin and coat, helping to ease any sensitivity. If your pet is scratching more than usual, or you notice inflamed skin, speak to your vet straight away. Key benefits complete food for senior dogs with sensitive skin omega-rich salmon can help avoid irritation added fish and soybean oils nourish hair Optiderma technology is proven to support your pooch's skin perfect mix of vitamins, minerals and nutrients for senior dogs. How it works As well as encouraging healthy skin and a shiny coat, this nutritionally balanced food offers all the minerals and fats your dog needs to stay active and happy as they grow older. Salmon is the main ingredient: it’s a gentle protein, rich in omega oils. This high fish content helps your four-legged friend avoid allergies to other, more harsh, proteins. More than that, this ingredient can boost their skin health and shield them from conditions that worsen with age, such as sore joints. Essential fatty acids help ease your dog’s inflamed skin and itchy coat, while added fish and soybean oils boost hair health, helping protect it from damage. - pieces x 14kg
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