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This product is produced by Hozelock, who have over 50 years of experience in horticulture, providing good quality and reliabilty. The product is an essential part of the Hozelock watering system. Fits onto the end of your hose, to connect onto your tap, or for the use of an accessory e.g. spray nozzle. Hozelock quick connect Fitting for 12.5mm & 15mm hose. This fitting is best used at the TAP end of a hosepipe. Size: 15.5cm x 9cm x 3.9cm
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Connects the hose to male tap connectors
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Plastic hosepipe fittings. For 3/4" hosepipes. - Irrigation
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The Hozelock 2436 Metal Hose Cart + 30 Metres of Hose + Fittings from Hozelock.The Hozelock 2436 is a ready assembled 60m Metal cart with 30m of hose. It combines the durability and manoeuvrability of plastic with the toughness of steel to bring the best value hose storage solution. The steel drum is plated to ensure that the cart stays rust-free and the product includes all necessary fittings and is fully assembled allowing immediate usage.The soft-grip telescopic towing handle extends to a towing height of 750 mm and the locking collars ensure that the handle remains in place.Hose rewinding has been made easier, thanks to the perfectly round, full size drum which rotates freely under load.Includes hose and tap fittings, plus spray nozzle. - 7.15kg
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Hozelock - Free Standing with 40m hoseFast Reel - with 40mts Hose The Fast Reel is designed for the larger garden, with 40m of Hose. benefit from self-layering technology, making hose re-wind quick, clean and efficient. All you have to do is to turn the handle and the hose rewinds neatly onto the reel, with no need for manual guidance.
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The Hozelock Quick Connect Hose End Connector is guaranteed secure, up to 10 bar, thanks to a triple locking system. All the internal parts are made from ultra tough engineering plastic, for a long leak free life. With a soft touch for added grip and comfort.
The Hozelock Sprinkler Hose is a perforated flat hose, which produces a gentle sprinkler effect when used upright and a deep soaking action when reversed. The hose is supplied with end cap and screw-in connector and can be used in series.
The Hozelock Sprinkler Hose 15 Metre from Hozelock.This Hozelock Sprinkler Hose is a perforated, flat hose which produces a gentle sprinkler effect when used upright and a deep soaking action when reversed. It is supplied with an end cap and screw-in connector and can be used in series for larger area coverage.Length: 15 metres (50 feet). Maximum area coverage: 15m x 3.6m (54m). - 1.47kg
The highly flexible 4mm Hose from Hozelock discreetly carries water from your tap to your plants. Easy to install to pots, container or hanging baskets, the hose can be cut and positioned to cater to any garden layout.Discreetly carries water from your tap to your plantsHighly flexible for easy installationDiscreetly installed to pots, containers and hanging basketsIdeal for all garden layoutsDesigned and made in EnglandDimensions:Hose Width: 4mmHose Length: 10m
Twin pack of the latest version of the 12.5mm (1/2") Hozelock connector. Hozelock's new quick connect hose connectors are a step ahead of all the others. uitable for use with all 12.5mm 1/2" and 15mm 5/8ths" hose All internal parts are made from ultra tough engineering plastics for a long leak free life The connection to the tap is guaranteed secure up to 10 bar, thanks to a triple locking system. The sleeve is easy to use even when wet because of the twin soft touch pads The hose is firmly connected thanks to barbs that connect with the inside and outside of the hose Hose kinking , Hose swelling, and hose leaking at the connection point with the fitting is virtually eliminated due to the ingenious flexible hose-tail on the nut
The Hozelock 2364 Hose Hanger Starter Set is a smart storage solution that stores your hose, connectors and hose end conveniently together around the tap. Provides easy, hassle free access to your hose when you need it. Robust and built to last. Includes 20m of hose, a standard hose connector, an Aquastop connector, tap connector, and screw and wall plug to fit to the wall.PTDHOZ2364
This Hozelock 30000mm expanding hose, is a lightweight, expanding hose designed for watering around your garden which will shrink back in size after use for convenient storage.
Hozelock Flat Hose pipe (L)10 m.This Hozelock 10000mm hose pipe, is ideal for use with flood pumps.
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Hozelock Flat Hose pipe (L)1 m.This Hozelock 1000mm hose pipe is designed to be used with flood pumps.
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The Hozelock Superhoze expands up to 3x its original length and quickly shrinks back to its original size after use. Never kinks or tangles, ensuring continuous water flow. Manoeuvring and watering around your garden is easy due to its lightweight construction. Guaranteed leak-free fittings ensure a watertight connection.
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The Hozelock Superhoze Expandable Hose has a durable outer layer of woven polyester fabric. Created using a UV stable, high quality Polyester weave that forms a hard-wearing, robust skin to withstand abrasion on any terrain. A highly elastic, durable, natural rubber core ensures the hose expands and contracts up to x 3 times its original length repeatedly and reliably. Its smooth inner and outer surfaces help to aid water flow, preventing the walls of the hose sticking together and allows the Polyester fabric to glide over the rubber inner. Supplied with: 2 x Aquastops, 1 x Nozzle, 2 x Tap Connectors: 3/4in & 1/2in.
This freestanding 60m hose reel from Hozelock is lightweight and will hold up to 60 meters of 12.5mm garden hose. It comes complete with 30m of Ultraflex garden hose, two hose end connectors, a threaded tap connector and an adjustable nozzle.
The Hozelock Ultimate Hose is a top-of-the-range hose, featuring SuperTricoflex technology, creating an ultra-light, anti-kink and anti-twisting hose without compromising on robustness. The hose is up to 25% lighter than other hoses of the same length and diameter, making it much easier to manoeuvre in the garden. A 5 layer reinforced knitted structure provides controlled flexibility and resilience. The hose is long lasting, durable and crush proof. Its unique formula combines both UV and frost protection, ensuring that the hose lasts in any weather conditions. Its silky texture allows it to glide smoothly through the garden, to manoeuvre easily and to wind effortlessly onto a system without any fuss.PTDGRPHOZ7830
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Hozelock's 60m carts offer outstanding performance in-use. Advanced design features combined with unparalleled quality and durability make these products easy and reliable in operation. The cart will take up to 60m of Hozelock hose and includes 2 hose end connectors (2166).
Ready assembled wall mounted reel with 10m hose, fittings and accessories.The perfect hose solution for patios and small gardens, the Mini Auto Reel offers 10m top quality hose in a fully assembled reel with automatic rewind. Hozelock's unique system guarantees fast, effortless rewind every time. Dimensions: Height 33 cm x Length 38 cm x Width 20 cm
Hozelock Winged hose clip, Pack of 2.These Hozelock Winged hose clip are ideal for attaching you hose to a wall or fence.
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